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Russia stages massive surprise war games on Black Sea (VIDEO)

Russia stages massive surprise war games on Black Sea (VIDEO) 2 minute newsreel with armored vehicle loading into Russian largo transport ship with land lancing craft front loading gate.

The Russian naval drills came as a surprise not only to the Russian armed forces, but also for neighboring countries’ militaries as well, which were forced to rub sleep from their eyes and rush to their duties as up to 30 Russian battleships left port. The battleships operating from the Russian naval base in Sevastopol in Crimea, Ukraine, were also alerted.

Defense Ministry press secretary Igor Konashenkov told Interfax that the drills “engaged over 7,100 troops, around 250 armored vehicles, some 50 cannons, up to 20 fighter jets and helicopters and about 30 various warships.”

In February, Russian military conducted an unannounced combat readiness drills for the first time in 20 years. The exercises at the time involved around 7,000 troops, 40 military aircraft and hundreds of armored vehicles.

The drills in the Black Sea coincided with a huge long-range aviation exercise by the Russian Air Force. A range of strategic bombers – such as the supersonic Tu-160, Tu-95MC, Tu-22M3, Ilyushin flying tankers, A-50 AWACS aircraft, Su-27 fighter jets and supersonic MiG-31 interceptors – conducted over 60 missions at three ranges in various regions of the country.

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Another waste of taxpayer money that any Russian living outside the City State of Moscow cannot afford.

The collapse of Russia is well under way imo. The country will be carved up like a turkey dinner. There are simply too few of them to sustain themselves and their competitors know it.

They made some good inventions and history will remember.