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raided for growing vegetables

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They pissed someone off in

They pissed someone off in the CIA, and used the grow rig as an excuse to raid them. They probably were under surveillance too.

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Smart Meter

They know everything you're doing now with the Smart Meter...

Why did you get down-voted?

Can the Smart Meters not do that?

You know it's bad when these

You know it's bad when these stories are so common that they no longer raise your BP but just cause you to wish there were some way to escape Big Brother.

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Isn't there REAL crime going on somewhere?

The feds must be pretty desperate when they're targeting their own (article states that this couple had worked for the CIA) over indoor growing.

I think the raid was done by

I think the raid was done by the county sheriff. They like the drug raids because they confiscate any cash they find and spend it on new police toys like fast cars and sniper rifles.

Ya, pretty sickening when they see the people as revenue.

You might be right about the raid being done more locally by the sheriff, but previously, the Operation Constant Gardener raids that were done in Kansas and Missouri did involve the feds.

On April 20, 2011, approximately 30 law enforcement agencies from federal, state, and local law enforcement followed up on leads serving search warrants on residences throughout western Missouri and eastern Kansas.


Keep doing this and its only

Keep doing this and its only a matter of time before they raid the wrong house(with nothing in it) and someone decides to stand their ground.

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