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Bitcoin - How Can I Help and Profit from Explosive Growth?

Update: OMG! This lead is not about using bitcoin. It's about participating in the development of the ATM network. It's a business opportunity. Goodness all the skeptics...
Oh and if you want to understand or use bitcoin a little bit try Coinbase https://coinbase.com/
And since most are stupid about bicoin... Go to 24:30 for a good discussion on bitcoin by anarchist/genius Cody Wilson.

Bitcoin ATM is looking to expand worldwide. Inquire today how you can make your future now with the world's first cash-btc/btc-cash automated service. Currently, the team at Bitcoin ATM is working hard to bring bitcoin to the mainstream. This undertaking is unprecedented and a diverse team is needed to execute our vision. Not least of which are the right sorts of investors who understand a good idea. Please contact us today to learn more.

Bitcoin ATM actively seeks:
• Investors in tune with the financial landscape of the future.
• Licensees/Franchisees interested in a business model that works
• Designers/programmers with unique insights and creative outlooks


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So be it. bitcoin ATMs too.

So be it. Bitcoin ATMs too.

Anything bitcoin stands to be a large profit. And because that profit must come at the expense of the US dollar -- because where currency goes, law goes, making bitcoin an international currency, the usher of globalism and eliminator of nationalism -- I root for the dollar and for all national currencies.

I believe also that bitcoin is one of many currencies international that are and will be promoted, as I stated in my comment you replied to. When I say international, I mean what TPTB want people worldwide to use that crosses national borders, also known as globalism/inter-nationalism. The economy, that is, money/currency and goods, still is the tool to gain and maintain control. Therefore, of course TPTB will create and promote digital "money" and -- because they, TPTB, own and control them, therefore influence the average person to believe they intrinsically are money -- gold and silver.

What I don't understand is, Why would an American who wants freedom and the retainment of his culture and country and who understands economy, history, currency and law believe bitcoin isn't a creation of TPTB and that it doesn't undermine the United States. Barracuda, do you know why?

Note: TPTB: the powers that be. In name, mostly Rothschild.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

You raise some interesting

You raise some interesting questions, but the way I see it, Bitcoin is freedom from unfair taxation, freedom from oppressive governments and central bank-led currency manipulation, freedom to move or go anywhere and take your entire net worth as an invisible, totally liquid asset. Gold is heavy, hard to protect and attracts scrutiny. Same with large sums of paper money. One could "conceivably" buy Bitcoin, move internationally and relocate to the friendliest country. Freedom.

Keep in mind, Bitcoin is not perfect, but due to its openness and transparency it beats most of the competition.

When I first heard about this

I thought it was a solution to a problem that doesn't exist but I've completely changed my opinion. It's actually quite hard to get bitcoin (you can't really pay with cc or paypal easily) and with things like cyprus happening people want to get their money out of banks so the atm's make sense. In fact, if there had been one near me last week I would've been feeding it cash.

The thing about bitcoin is as the banks/govt steal more from people then bitcoin becomes more popular and valuable and it's not like banks/govt are going to steal less in future.

I stand by my theory that due

I stand by my theory that due to exclusivity and a certain level of technical expertise, Bitcoin is a highly volatile alternative for traders and investors that will become far less volatile and far less attractive as a high-risk, high-reward investment as it becomes more mainstream. Technical issues will eventually be ironed out, as they always are, and Bitcoin will become as common as eBay or Amazon.com.