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Application Letter Template for the Presidency of the Republic

Dear Mr. Central Banker,

Having learned, by chance, though very honorable, there would soon be a vacancy in the Presidency of "the Republic" that you oversee with great talent, I have the honor hereby to request your high benevolence, and to grant me this position that I am able to fulfill to your complete satisfaction, and evidently also, for the best interests of your house.

I provide with this letter my detailed "curriculum vitae", and certificates from other houses as well, where I have been employed, that I left out of my own volition, and free from any commitment.

I note, for all practical purposes and your convenience, that I have a coat, a jacket, fine tissue to wipe protocol tears when necessary, and that I wear the top hat with a certain casualness.

I would be very grateful if your staff could set up this first appointment shortly, so that we can discuss the terms in a timely fashion.

In anticipation of a prompt response from your end, please receive, Mr. Central Banker, and your lady, the assurance of my highest consideration, without prejudice, much sincerely so, and my eager civilities.



Inspired by Pierre Dac :