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Ron Paul End the Fed: Why Do His Supporters Always Yell That?

I never understood why Ron Paul and his supporters would rant (and chant) about why the government should "End the Fed." But after reading that the Government Accountability Office's first-ever audit of the Federal Reserve Bank shows $16 trillion in loans to private corporations worldwide, I became curious.

My curiosity eventually led me to the well-made YouTube video below. After watching, one can at least understand (although not necessarily agree with) the thought behind ending or reforming the Federal Reserve.

There are several arguments embedded in this piece, but the video explains them more thoroughly than I do and is certainly worth your time:


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I've Said It Before, And I'll Say It Again :

Ron Paul is/was the STRONGEST man in America !

Why, because he tried to expose what the fed was doing to our money?

Because he alone {most of the time} apposed the wars, expansion of the government,expansion of wars, unnecessary spending, apposed most foreign aid,refused lobbyist money, his Presidential plan would have cut government spending by 1 trillion dollars, and most of all pointed out that the FED was un-Constitutional, because a Constitutional amendment would have to be passed to change the original, carefully thought out, monetary guidelines set forth in the U.S. Constitution.

He also wanted to abolish the "Legal Tender Laws" because these laws forced Americans to accept I.O.U. paper notes called federal reserve notes, as money, instead of using the money mandated in the U.S. Constitution !



"End the Fed", is the title of a book by Ron Paul, and supporters ranting/chanting "END THE FED", are really saying, "We read RP's book, "End the Fed" and agree with him.

Maybe you might read, "End The Fed", by Ron Paul?


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That little stinker!

The OP has been a member of DP for over five years. Methinks this is a bit of theatre for somebody's benefit.

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The cartoon you speak of, broke my mental chains free


Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

Thanks for adding this!

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