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The Four Legs Of Liberty Activism

These "Four Legs if Liberty Activism" require NO government support, permission or will invite any lawful interference whatsoever:

1) Witness Protection - Whenever someone complains about injustice in the court room, it is usually done in front of an uneducated audience and it rarely ever makes the news. When we have a force of we the people "on call" to attend any hearing for our members as WITNESSES prepared to file an affidavit of the facts when magistrates (judges) violate their oaths of office, we could nullify their decisions and file claims against their bonds (which can be as easy as a phone call) or even get them thrown out of office.

2) Whistleblower Pledge Drives - When a public servant harms a member of the public, everyone is potentially harmed in the future when nothing is done about it. Whistleblower pledge drives will blur the "thin blue line" which makes it in some cases financially impossible for otherwise good people to do the right thing.

3) Sheriff Education and Support - If your sheriff REALLY honors his oath, you have liberty. It's as simple as that. Many sheriffs run unopposed and it's much easier to win a county election than a presidential or congressional election.

4) Monetary Freedom - Plainly stated: It's time to get the banksters out of our pockets.

All we need to do is organize the people we have. The goal of AmericanHeroFund.com is to get people focused on these 4 legs which are root solutions to virtually every other side-issue the talking heads got most of the resistance working on! Why do you not hear ANYTHING about these particular issues on the lame stream media? The answer should be obvious.

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