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Jim Carrey Responds to Fox News

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Greg Gutfeld, Redeye, The Five

What are everyone's thoughts on Gutfeld and his shows? I like watching Redeye. I'm not a huge fan of the five though.

I LOVE how journalists

and the President try to hold entertainers to the rigid standards of the White House and Fox Pnews. I've started work on a proactive fundraiser for gun locks. The best argument for gun control is that they are rarely used for their intended purpose(self defense) . Gun locks are 90% effective, and save kid's lives. GO GUNS! gun locks are great for those stashed away yet accessible firearms. Give out gun locks in your town and make a big to do about it!

Reason responds to carrey


"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

Click Here To See The Candidates On The Record

Who cares? The video link is

Who cares? The video link is to a bunch of dummies on Fox ridiculing Jim Carrey. If they didn't moan and hand wave, I guess they'd be considered traitors from within the Fox Entertainment Complex, right?

You know, for someone claiming to be on a spiritual path

Jim Carrey sure doesn't live what he preaches. Sure, FOX is a faecal waste bag, but Jim's responses are really anger driven, and that goes for the gun control comments too. He needs to go find a quiet place and stay there for a while.

However, these people have their heads so far up the illusion's butt, they can't possibly have the perspective many other people do about what's going on.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

He's a comedian. Actors and

He's a comedian. Actors and comedians rely on the charity of others. They typically hold very liberal views, in my opinion, because those views are what help them get ahead in an industry that operates on good feelings. There is a very thin line between appealing to people and pandering and one person's good feelings are another person's pandering. I don't begrudge him his opinion because I have my own. I still consider Carrey a massively talented person.

Why Give Carey Any Credibility For Acting Like A Fool

Trouble with the news and in particular these cable tv shows is that they conduct specious arguments of no real importance..

Fools like Jim carey can be found everywhere in America.

The bottom line is these stories generate ratings for the networks..

great waste of 8 minutes...

...if you want to watch schoolyard kids insult each other during recess...

This falling Republic doesn't have time for this shit!