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2013 Time 100 Poll: Vote for Rand Paul! (currently in 7th)

Please vote for Senator Paul in the "Time 100" poll!

Be warned; some of the names on this list will make you cringe.

To vote for Rand:

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Remember when we did this for

Remember when we did this for Ron? He was at the top, until mysteriously fell to around 10th. Still, he got a place in the magazine. We are amazing.

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96%-Absolutely; 4%-No way

Be sure and vote 'no way' on the

ones close behind him and the ones ahead of him.


Will this help Rand or help Time remain credible within the world of "journalism" Many of the choices on that list indicate that Time has no relevance to an informed populace, as if it ever had.

They probably had the list

They probably had the list automatically assembled and took a quick look over it.
They likely took the most used/talked about names and put them in a list figuring that they would get most of the important ones. They then probably looked it over and replaced a few lesser known ones with names they had chosen.

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Who in the hell put Ben Bernanke on the list???


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Up to FIVE now!


Google is government.

Rand was in Fifth Place, last I checked

ahead of Heba Morayef

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Pelosi : 18% Absolutely No Way 82%


She is one up from Rand fyi

Every time I wanna cut Rand

Every time I wanna cut Rand some slack he goes and says something he knows damn well is an evil outright lie, like how he doesn't get the fuss over all these "so-called" Iraqi refugees. Didn't we just finish giving them a "democracy" he says? Really Rand? A democracy? How does he even look his father in the eye and then go out and say this kind of stuff? Or writing a letter to the President saying we need to STAY in Afghanistan longer. I don't get this POS. His ambition is off the charts if he's willing to walk with the Devil the way he is.

The filibuster was brilliant and commendable. These other remarks are unforgivable.

I'm with you man, so much

I'm with you man, so much better to let people be bombed and droned and gunned down and pillaged and raped than to let a politician get so out of hand, I mean voting yes on something that will end your career if you don't and has absolutely no chance of being stopped clearly has wide and far-reaching effects much worse than those of the military industrial complex, the massive pharmaceutical scam, the looting of America's wealth, the destruction of our way of life, and hundreds of daily innocents being put to death.

If you didn't support Rand before I don't know why you would now. That's not Rand being inconsistent, it's you. He's made it pretty clear he values lives over politics, if you don't like that, basically don't expect rand to change his mind, but pretty much all the other politicians might be a good choice for you and disappoint you less.

I haven't the foggiest clue

I haven't the foggiest clue what you think you're talking about. Has Rand called for the closing of a single foreign base or the ending of a single foreign war? Has he called for the closing of Guantanamo or the ending of the drone bombing program? No, he hasn't. I don't get what you're trying to say. Even during the filibuster he alluded to the idea he has no problem using drones over Pakistan or Afghanistan, and hell, doesn't even have a problem with local law enforcement using them to gun down someone robbing a liquor store.

You people need to actually LISTEN to the words coming out of this Republican Senator's mouth instead of pretending he's some sort of libertarian hero.

I also voted no way for

I also voted no way for bloomberg and nancy pelosi

Beyounce is on there?

Most influential how? Isn't she a devil worshipper/satanic chick or something?

She certainly can't be considered a good influence! lol What has the world come to....

Now in Sixth!

Keep em coming!

Thanks for posting


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