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Korean DMZ: Dangerous Militarized Zone Vaudeville

Axis of Vaudeville: North Korea in South Korean Pop Culture. Most Dangerous Demarcation Line: Weathered Signs & Foreign Press

The 1953 armistice brought the costly three-year conflict to a close but was never followed by a peace treaty. The Joint Security Area is the only place in the 155-mile-long and 2 ½ mile-wide Korean Demilitarized Zone where military-level meetings are held between the United Nations Command and the North Korean People’s Army.

-----Foreign Press News about Korea, circa 1983 ---------
Pyongyang, Korea. English version. 9 Apr 1983
[Korea! The Most Dangerous Demarcation Line in the World"]

Pyongyang, April 9 (KCNA)—The March 28 issue of the Polish paper "Dziennik Ludowy" carried an article titled "Unstable Peninsula," according to a report. Noting that large armed forces and means of war are mobilized in the "Team Spirit 83" joint military exercises, it says: The situation prevailing on the Korean peninsula is reminiscent of that in 1950 when [Korean] War broke out in that part of the world. The main purpose of the 'United States' Korean policy is to keep Korea divided for ever and reduce South Korea to its colony and military strategic base, it notes. Pointing out that the seventh non-aligned summit conference and many other international conferences sternly denounced this policy of the United States, it stresses: The U.S. forces must be withdrawn from South Korea.

In a recent serial article under the titles "Gun Report, U.S.-South Korea'Team Spirit 83' on Korean Peninsula From February," "New Stage," etc. the French paper "L'Humanite" cited historical facts about the joint military exercises staged by the U.S. imperialists and the South Korean puppet clique every year. These are operational military exercises in which the U.S. Defense Department expects "quick deployment forces" from the U.S. mainland in case of emergency, attaching importance to South Korea which it regards as the bridgehead of the Asian continent, it says. When the nuclear-powered carrier "Enterprise" sailed up to participate in the "Team Spirit 83" other warships were loaded with guns in Okinawa. This shows that Japan is the springboard and relay base in the operation, the article stresses. The Norwegian paper "Hamar Arbei Dagblad" March 30 carried an article titled "Most Dangerous Demarcation Line in the World" on the grave situation created in Korea due to the dangerous new war provocation manoeuvres of the U.S. imperialists and the South Korean puppet clique.

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