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Alexa.com Predicts David Lory VanDerBeek to be Most Popular Governor on Earth

Alexa.com provides the global and national rankings for the most popular, most trafficked, and most linked to websites all around the world. My website www.nevadagovernor2014.com is now just two months old and it is clear already that I will become the most popular and powerful Governor in the United States. I wanted to give you a sense of how powerful and compelling a candidate I am and the global elite are well aware of me. I want everyone to have the facts. Even though the mainstream corporate whore media ignores me because they are bought off by the globalists who seek world domination through propaganda, my message has caught fire across this nation and internationally. The popularity of my campaign positions is growing exponentially. So here are the facts regarding my rankings online and these are a harbinger of things to come as we draw nearer to November 2014. Keep in mind, my popularity with enjoy 19 more MONTHS of this growth in support.