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Got Easter Eggs? What will you do with yours?

When I was a kid, the last thing I wanted to eat on Easter was a hard boiled egg. YUCK!

As the years rolled on, I would eat a hard boiled egg every now and then, and egg salad sandwiches weren't that bad (made with Best Foods/Hellman's Mayo). I would also make a potato and egg salad with them.

Then came deviled eggs. I get teased at Church because deviled eggs have become one of my specialties, and I bring deviled eggs to Chruch pot lucks. I never have any left overs. Matter of fact, I am told I make the best ever by many people.

I began getting creative with my deviled eggs and so here are a few ideas of mine that have been very successful, that I admit, I love my deviled eggs too.

Artichoke Deviled Eggs
For every yolk blend 1 1/2 teaspoons Artichoke Pesto (if you like, or love artichokes like I do, this is wonderful as it makes a fluffy, light and delicious deviled egg people fight for the last one.

Curried Deviled Eggs
If you like curry, blending 1 1/2 teaspoons of Korma Curry with each yolk, and sprinkling additional curry powder and galic salt is another big winner people fight over the last egg.

Quesadilla Deviled eggs
1 teaspoon green salsa per yolk, top with shredded pepper jack, a jalepeno slice, and place under a broiler to melt the cheese. Ole!

Asparagus and Cheese Deviled Eggs
1 pealed, cooked and chopped asparagus stalk per 2 yolks, 1 teaspoon olive oil, fill eggs and top with parmesean shavings, broil until cheese begins to crisp.. minute or two.

Sometimes topping a plain deviled egg can be magical:

Chopped cooked bacon or ham
toasted sunflower seeds
edible flowers

Anyone else have some recipe ideas?


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Around here, we..

..save them for Halloween!

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My family

and I no longer have little kids, so we opted not to hard boil our Easter eggs at all. Instead, I separated them, whipped the whites up to a stiff meringe, gently folded in the blended yolks, and then dipped big fat roasted poblano peppers stuffed with Panela cheese and fried them to a golden brown.

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Please don't buy eggs from factory farms

This is what they do to the baby chicks they have no use for. Sorry to put such a crude video in my post but ignorance is NOT bliss -- this is what happens in factory farms.


Yes, Christ has risen indeed. And as my fellow Christians should know, God did not give animals the capacity to feel pain, fear, and sorrow so that humans can do whatever they like with them. So, again, please do not buy eggs from factory farms (that goes for Land O'Lakes, etc.). Please look for Certified Humane stickers.


He is RIsen Indeed! ((Granger))!

My husband loves Potato Salad with Egg. (or Egg Salad with Potato ;)
So that is one idea. Using Turkey Bacon and Horseradish with sour cream or yogurt also came to mind. Add some chives or green onion to either....

On the Resurrection, I was contemplating the whole relationship between the event and tyranny. If you don't mind a long read, you can find it here:


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Your post reminded me of what I think is a funny story.. I went to college in Lafayette Louisiana (I'm a Rajun Cajun 86). When I retuned to CA, people who I knew from Lafayette came out to CA, got jobs, and we would get together for BBQs. One day I was asked to bring the potato salad to the next, which I did.. I had added chopped celery and green inion to my eggless potato salad. When I arrived, the host opened the door and took my salad, looked at it and said, "What's this?"

I responded, "It's the potato salad you asked me to bring." He says, "This isn't potato salad. This is BS. Since when does potato sald have green things?" I got pissed because he kept going off on my salad, and I wound up tossing it in the trash and walking out, pissed.

Now this guy (an heir to Trappey's), he opens up a restaurant. So I invite people and go to his grand opening. I forget what I ordered, but on the side was a little cup of potato salad, with green things.

So I called him to the table. He comes over and he's beaming.. the place is packed and everyone is smacking their lips complimenting him. He puts his hand on the back of my chair and askes, what I think. So I said, pointing to the potato salad, "What's this?" He looks at it and says, "Potato salad." So I said, in a very loud voice, "Excuse me, but this is BS! Since when does potato salad have green things?" He picked up the little cup of salad and looks at it.. his face dropped.. wiped the smile right off his face, and he runs to the kitchen and he's screaming at his cook about green things in potato salad.. LOL. He fired that cook and to this day, his very popular place serves a very simple, but absolutely delicious egg and potato salad.. new potatos, eggs and Best Foods/ Hellman's mayo,, some salt.. it's very mild and made to cut the heat from the what can be very spicy Cajun food.

I love the deviled egg idea you have, after all I do love horse raddish, with crispy turkey bacon.. yum!! sour cream and chives .. yummy!

THANK YOU.. going to check your thread now. HAPPY EASTER and THANK YOU for the ideas and inspiring memories of devine justice.

Christ is risen, Granger!

Long time, no see! I hope this Easter finds you well. I have posted a Letter to Christ in the old "religion" forum that, hopefully, you will find edifying. As always, I look forward to your feedback. God bless, sister Patriot!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

((((((((((((Andrew))))))))))))) No kidding

I'll check out your post. God Bless you abundantly ((((Andrew))))) and HAPY HAPPY EASTER!!!


Happy Easter Granger! Good ideas.

I just thunk this up.

Mix yolks with chewy bacon (thick slices from the butcher), chopped red onion, and a bit of homemade mayo. Top eggs with diced tomato and drizzle with balsamic vinaigrette.

I make my own mayonnaise every couple of weeks so I always have it available. I do this to avoid GMO soybean oil that every brand of mayo uses. I emulsify egg yolks with a combination of olive, grapeseed, and melted coconut oils. I found this combo gives it a subtle olivey flavor without overwhelming it.

Bon appetit.

Happy Easter (((((((((dducky)))))))

I guess if they are served in lettuce cups they could be called BLT Eggs? Hmmmmm?

I too make my own mayo.. (when you have chickens/eggs.. seems a waste to not make your own mayo). I like to use grape seed oil, unless I make aioli.. and then I use olive oil and garlic..

And you just inspired me.. mix the yolks with aioli and top with an anchovi.

❣❣ Granger ❣❣

That sounds awesome. Maybe place a few capers on top.

Deviled BOLETs. Bacon, Onion, Lettuce, Egg, and Tomato.

How about this?

Concoct a very thick hollandaise with the yolks, butter, and plenty of lemon. Fill eggs and top with a thin layer of cooked spinach and sprinkle with tiny diced ham pieces. Maybe drizzle a couple of drops of lemon juice on top to achieve a nice acid balance.

I never make aioli but I am starting today.

Enjoy your pizza❣❣

LOL (((((((((dducky))))))))))

I love the name BOLETs, and the hollandaise with spinach.. GENIUS! Are you a chef? Man you have some great ideas!

So about that pizza... Last night I made reservations at a restaurant that has a nice pizza and invited my God Children and others to join me.. so what happened?

Father tells me he bought a cake and after services me and my God Children are to come to the rectory for cake. So there are the four of us with a full sheet cake. I had cancelled the reservations. (I took a few bites of the cake.. but as you know.. cake is not what I was craving.

However.. I did invite a friend who helps me with construction over for pizza on tuesday and I can't wait.

I made a Monte Cristo casserole this morning.. and beside my curried deviled eggs. I made ants on a log. Know what they is?

See you after Mass (being in the choir I have mass a 8 and 10) BLESSING TO YOU my beloved (((((((dducky)))))))

❧❧❧ Granger ❧❧❧

Oh good gosh almighty, what a compliment, coming from a chef! No, I am merely an indefatigable bromatologist (I FREAKIN' LOVE TO EAT GOOD FOOD!). I love your ideas as well. I have been preparing for your Indian mac-n-cheese for awhile. Maybe next week.

Big bummer with the pizza. Sounded like fun anyway. So are you planning on making your own pizza now? Wow! That is not an east task..at least not for an amateur like me. I would like to start figuring out the art of pizza making though.

Wow, Monte Cristo casserole! Please post that recipe. I love the sandwich by that name! And, no, I have no idea what ants on a log are, please tell.

I had rosemary poked lamb chops pan fried in garlic infused clarified butter and deglazed with lemon, served with sauteed lemony asparagus ends. Oh, I am full.

How about this?

Chilequillas deviled eggs:

Make salsa verde:
boil tomatillos and jalepenos
plop into blender with a clove of garlic and a bit of white onion.
Fry blended mixture in steaming hot oil until VERY thick (way thicker than usual)
add old fresh corn tortillas (or some round 'preserved' tortillas from grocer) to thicken.

Mix extra thick salsa verde with yolk lumps for filling???

Maybe not. I love those chilequillas so much though I am sure they can be fit into your deviled egg idea.



No plans to make my own pizza for tuesday.. because I learned a great secret about pizza crusts.. first, there is a yeast, PZ45, made especially for pizza.. gives it those big thin bubbles that become toasty.. but the BIG secret to a great pizza crust is you have to make three batches, one batch a day, and then you mix all three batches together.. what this does is makes the outside crust crispy and the inside soft but chewy, so the crust can absorb the juices and has staying power with the cheese and toppings.

Monte Cristo Casserole (takes 2 days to make)

1 loaf day old French bread cut into 1 1/2" cubes, staled one day
8 oz aged Swiss cheese, sliced
8 oz Provalone cheese, sliced
8 oz thin sliced Black Forest ham
8 oz sliced turkey (I like honey roasted, but smoked is very good)
6 whole egs, beaten with
3 cups whole milk and
1/2 teaspoon salt
powdered sugar (for garnish)
raspberry jam (serve with)

9" x 13" baking pan (I use glass) I spray with pan release (PAM)
Place half the staled cubed bread in the pan. Layer, turkey, swiss, ham, provalone and remaining staled cubed bread. Pour egg/milk mixture over bread, and cover with plastic wrap, refrigerate overnight (up to 24 hours).

Preheat oven 350 degrees. While plastic wrap is still on the pan, gently press making sure all fluid is absorbed and the caserole is even (no cube lumps). Bake 40 minutes.

The caserole will puff and turn golden brown. As it cools, it will deflate a little. Using a sieve sprinkle powdered sugar and serve with side of raspberry jam.

Three people said I should open a restaurant today. Little did they know that's what I've been working on.. so I informed them. I was looking at taking over the hospital consession (now closed) and putting in a juice bar with healthy food choices, a blue plate special.. several people who work at the hospital (one is a diabetic specialist) were thrilled.. tomorrow I'm going to see my oncologist and get his recomendation.. I hope to be in business by July.. I think it's more work setting up a business than running it.

My thoughts on the Chilquillas deviled eggs... (mix yolks with meat of choice chopped fine, or mashed beans, with 1/4 slice Monterey jack or Long Horn cheddar cheese, wrap eggs in won ton skins, chill, deep fry and serve with salsa verde...

Know what (((((dducky))))) because of this thread, I fully intend to have Deviled Eggs of the day on my menu!

I enjoyed my M0onte Cristo casserole very much, but to be honest.. I would rather what you had, just couldn't afford to treat the choir to that (no one brought anything to share but Rene, a little boy who gave us each a filled plastic eg with candy! Bless his heart!!!

Good Luck!

Well good luck to you and your restaurant. What great fun.

I am excited to try the Monte Cristo casserole. I have been recording your great recipe ideas.

My Easter deviled eggs

are made the same way my mom made them except I use mayo, she used Mircle Whip. I let the kids color the eggs but keep them in the frig and hide the plastic eggs. The colored whites look festive. The eggs that don't crack quite right go in the potato salad. My family is very traditional with holiday foods and don't like it when someone trys to vary the receipes. I do think I will try some of your ideas but not on the holiday, maybe when we barbecue this summer.

Our family (my kids and my Mom)( I have a very small family)

feel the same way about "messing" with the stuffing, sweet potatoes,green bean casserole, marshmallow salad etc.
My husband's family, on the other hand, would experiment quite often and two thirds of the family DID NOT LIKE IT! One year his parents tried corn bread stuffing vs bread stuffing .more than half was left in the bowl. Another time the candied sweet potatoes were replaced with Brandied whipped style. Some discretely spit their 1st bite into their napkins..I had three helpings . all of us may have liked these foods on another day but not on Thanksgiving!

On Holidays the "mouth in your mind " knows what it wants..and expects to taste and nothing else will do.



Are you telling me that you crack the hard boiled eggs and then dye them to color the cooked whites? That would be awesome. Sounds like your family has it's comfort foods and I hope you have made them cookbooks.

I eat them and let the others have all the candy

Thanks for the recipes. I make deviled eggs a lot. I'm going to try your quesadilla one.

If you make them all the time ralph hornsby

how about sharing your favorite recipe?

Try mixing alfredro sauce with the yolks, topping them with mozzerella and a pepperoni slce, broil about three minutes, top with grated parmasean for pizza devils.

I just make them like my mom did.

The only thing I do different is I don't chop my pickles, I buy dill relish or sweet pickle relish. It tastes the same, but less work.

I chop fine an onion and use either dill or sweet relish, mustard and a little mayo, maybe salt if needed, mix it up with the cooked yoke and put it in the boiled egg whites- and of course you have to sprinkle paprika on top.

all of your deviled eggs sound interesting

but to me deviled eggs are a purist thing. I Make them the way my mom did and does (at 89). Mash the yolks, in separate bowl mix Miracle Whip, prepared mustard, salt ,pepper and granulated white sugar together til smooth. add to yolks. if too sweet add mustard. If too sour add sugar. I do not measure. I cook by taste so I can't provide measures. Take them somewhere and you will come home with a licked clean platter.


LOL Thank you

I'm still laughing because I'm thinking, "What can I (who is not a "purist") call them?" Purist Deviled Eggs. I love that name, so unless you have another, and I bet simply calling the "deviled eggs" would be appropriate, being I am not a purist and have many recipes, "Deviled Eggs' is the subject title. So in my book, laurelai, I'm calling them Purist Deviled Eggs.. and I just love how no ingredient has exact measurments but all done by taste.. it's the kind of irony that tickles me... THANK YOU! Happy Easter!


A very Happy Easter to you too Granger and to all you guys here. I love to read your comments on a daily basis. I feel close to some of you and if that is only in my mind so be it...Quick story.. my neighbor had a "few" glasses of wine the night before Thanksgiving and started messing with the green bean casserole. Tossed in minced garlic, onions, half a bag of frozen green beans mixed with some canned. I sat there in horror watching this madness.
The next day I asked her if she had a good holiday with her family. She replied that she had been accused of "ruining Thanksgiving" for EVERYONE because she messed with the traditional green bean casserole!!


Just so you know, laurelai, that closness is not

just in your mind. I have become good friends with wonderful DPers I've never met. The Granger is one of them. I suspect many DPers have formed wonderful, invisible, bonds with one another. Although I don't see your comments often, I somehow feel that bond with you, too.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

((((((((((((Nonna)))))))))) A good egg

takes one to know one and I ditto your comment to laurelai!