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First Egypt's and now Pakistan's underwater Internet cable damaged.

[MOSSAD operation prior to an invasion of Iran or Syria?]

Underwater cable damaged: Internet speed plummets by 60% nationwide
By Farooq Baloch
Published: March 28, 2013


Internet speed across Pakistan plummeted by nearly 60% on Wednesday when an underwater fiber optic cable was damaged in the Arabian Sea near Karachi.

South East Asia-Middle East-Western Europe (SEA-ME-WE) 4, one of the four submarine cables that connects the country globally via the internet, was damaged around noon on Wednesday – only a couple of weeks following the breakdown of India-Middle East-Western Europe (I-ME-WE) fiber optic cable that has yet to be repaired.

As a result, internet services in the country will likely remain disrupted for an indefinite period. Internet service providers were unable to provide a timeframe on when the problem will be resolved.

Shortly after the disruption, internet users across Pakistan faced a host of problems ranging from intermittent to slow internet connectivity. Many complained that their browsing speed had decreased significantly.

read more http://tribune.com.pk/story/527643/underwater-cable-damaged-...

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These sort of things happen

After all, deep beneath the ocean is a very accident prone environment.