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Inside North Korea - Vice Documentary

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If the attitudes reflected by the producers is how they behaved,

no wonder the North Koreans hate Americans. This documentary is terribly condescending.

I was stationed in Korea during the "Pueblo Incident" and have access to classified information not revealed here. Let me just stay that the only thing I found questionable is that the US sailor was shot "resisting arrest," and the "truth" is actually more favorable than that presented by the North Koreans. For, you see, I joined the Navy a few years after my Air Force stint and the sailor was a US spy on active duty who was shot by our own military to prevent him from being captured and interrogated; this, according to one of my Navy instructors, who had also been involved in the "Pueblo Incident". I have no fear of saying this, because I never saw that information among any of the classified information to which I had been exposed.

While it has been 45 years since I left Korea, I question that the South Korean military is composed of "video game soldiers". I once saw a ROKAF (Republic of Korea Air Force) officer beat an enlisted man to within an inch of his life for failing to salute.

North Korea, if anything, reminds me of ancient Sparta. The Spartans were extreme warriors who eventually defeated the decadent Athenians.

very cool

gonna watch parts 2 and 3 now.... intriguing!


Is the shizzzzzznit. Been a fan since the beginning.

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