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Vote to help my short film get on "ShortOfTheWeek.Com!"

Hey guys, I'm a libertarian filmmaker from Southern Oregon. In January I released a short film called "Enemies" that got some attention here on the Daily Paul. The film was shot entirely on the road trip home from Paul Fest, and you can watch the whole 14 minute film below!

Once you've watched it (or if you've already seen it), and assuming you enjoyed it, I would really appreciate it if you would head on over to the website "Short of the Week" and vote for it to be featured there! I'm not entirely sure how much the voting has to do with it actually getting featured, but it certainly doesn't hurt! We currently have about 2700 views on YouTube. If we could get featured on Short of the Week, that number would be boosted tremendously! You can vote on the site with just a Facebook account so no real registration is required. It only takes a few seconds! And if you vote, please notice that you can give me up to 3 votes! Here's the link to vote for "Enemies":



If you enjoy "Enemies" be sure to check out my first film "One Man's Terrorist," which is a libertarian anti-war drama. Also check out the Facebook page for my studio, "Buck The System." We are currently in post-production on our third major short film, a paranoid, dark-comedy thriller about conspiracy theories called, "Occam's Razor." More info and a bunch of screen grabs for that film can be found on the facebook page:


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Very impressive work David

Looking forward to seeing more.