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Walmart's Death Grip on Groceries Is Making Life Worse for Millions of People

Friday, 29 March 2013 09:33 By Stacy Mitchell, AlterNet | Report

Walmart's growing control of our food system has been to intensify the rural and urban poverty that drives unhealthy food choices.

When Michelle Obama visited a Walmart in Springfield, Missouri, a few weeks ago to praise the company's efforts to sell healthier food, she did not say why she chose a store in Springfield of all cities. But, in ways that Obama surely did not intend, it was a fitting choice. This Midwestern city provides a chilling look at where Walmart wants to take our food system.

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Yes, quite marxian

Marx believed in a New Man that could exist without the State in a land where each was so equal in their well-rounded-individual skills and aspirations that one could be a "hunter in the morning" and a "fisherman in the afternoon" and a "critic in the evening."

Everyone growing their own food is called a p-r-i-m-i-t-i-v-e society without adequate division of labor. Grab a clue.

if time is money, then to

if time is money, then to some gardening would not save them any money or time.


You only invest a lot time with the initial setup and the testing phases. I spend maybe 15-20 min every couple days just checking things out. Making sure levels are good etc. If you are someone like me who likes working on projects, this is actually fun and entertaining and good for the blood pressure build up after i read or watch the news. And if shtf, what do you think is going to happen to the price of food. Then come talk to me about worth while investments with your time.

There are alternatives if you can't grow yourself. Join a farm coop. Do not send you monetary votes to the monsantos of the world.

You make a good point

It's not cheaper to grow your own if it's not really well managed, which requires time. It's far easier to buy groceries at a grocery store or walmart and have leisure time not spent processing food. And if you don't process what you grow, it's like throwing money and time away.

I have a few jars of maple syrup that cost me about $200 to make; I could have bought the same amount made the exact same way for about $60. Eventually it will be free though.

I thoroughly enjoy growing a lot of my family's food and I guess it does save money in some respect, but it is a lot of work for not much gain. I can't grow doritos either.

If you build the right system

its not that much work at all. Partly why hydroponics and aquaponics are so popular. Cause the systems once built do most of the work for you. It is still work of course, but I can spend 20 min a day on my rig and get done everything i need to get done. Thats quicker then a trip to the store. Sure the initial setup takes some effort and some coin. But you certainly save money over time. Plus you are free from being dependent on someone else. If we do indeed have a monetary collapse, people like yourself who already grow will be that much more fortunate. There will be no price you could put on the value you have in your garden.

The article actually makes no sense

It uses the word "wal-mart" and "poverty", but it really never explains how walmart is causing poverty or affecting people's diets. I can't figure out what point the author is attempting to make.

If They Care So Much

for the people like they claim why don't they demand GMO labels on the food they carry?



Part of my problem is determining what this really is!? Mendel started with pea plants. Manipulating, the plants, was absolutely necessary to start the study of genetics.

We have been planting hybrid corn since I was a child, sixty years ago! There is a danger in manipulating the plants to the point that an entire crop could be made extinct because of one deadly infection. Otherwise, I do not understand the danger. Any DNA is digested in our gastrointestinal tract. Even radiation of meat to extend its shelf-life, does not, in reality, present any danger to us. Unless, you are saying the government is allowing big corporations lie to us!

Oh well, I just started to question everything I ever thought of it. Politics is a terrible condition of the human race. Being a victim of it myself, I have to realize the big corporations, at this point in time, can do whatever they want!

Darned straight they would lie and bribe!?

We have two grocery stores in this town. One is Walmart and the other one is rumored to be going out of business! That sucks big time!

Because smiley face

It really is that dumbed down.