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BitCoin - Let's experiment. Brother, can you spare a (bit)dime?

I am curious enough about Bitcoin to want to play with it. I'd like somebody with Bitcoins to send me the equivalent of a dime, and others who have a wallet, tell me how and I'll send you a penny.

I used Coinbase to set up a wallet and to generate the code for a link on a simple web page to facilitate the payment:


So does anybody have about 0.001000BTC that they can spare? Or a penny equivalent, or .001 of a penny? Doesn't matter how much.

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You need to post your wallet

You need to post your wallet address.

Ron Paul brought me here.

Nobody has Bitcoins here?

Obviously, anybody who has BC wants it to be successful. If you want it to be successful, you would encourage others to play along. So why wouldn't you send a dime or a penny equivalent?

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Money, it's a gas

A digital currency!

What if it catches on? We'll be wishing for the days when the government had to print their own currency!