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Washington Post: "Plans Have Been Drawn Up For 'Surgical Strikes' On North Korea"

Aggressive talk from North Korea concerns U.S. leaders

By Ernesto Londoño and Karen DeYoung | March 29, 2013 | Washington Post

The latest round of threats exchanged by North Korea and the United States is dragging on longer and taking on a more virulent tone than in the past, provoking deep concerns among American officials and their allies.

Following blustery warnings by Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s 30-year-old leader, and videos depicting North Korean attacks on the United States, the Obama administration took the unprecedented step this week of sending two stealth bombers to South Korea as part of an ongoing military training exercise.

But despite the escalating tensions, U.S. officials said they have focused more closely on what North Korea is doing than on what it is saying.

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I expect

Russia and China have plans also.

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We hate what their government is doing

.... so let's kill its citizens.

Criteria for war target:
- Poor helpless population where a wheel barrow is state-of-the-art technology
- Too far away to ever hurt us
- Outclassed militarily 1000 to 1
- Non-white population.

I'd say North Korea fits the bill. Let's get crackin' these bombs aren't going to drop themselves.

(unless we're using drones)

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I'm pretty sure

Plans have been draw up since the 38th parallel was established. The PTB have made a huge investment in that region, looks like they're looking to collect in the near future.. A whole Korea as a puppet state to put pressure on China? The country barley can keep the lights on, but our government thinks that we need to intimidate them by making B2 flyovers and moving unnecessary stealth f35s into the region. Oh but North Korea is the provocateur when we are testing tactical nuke strikes and running invasion exercises...

The military is waiting for the North to make a bad move so we can test out all the gadgets they've been developing for the conflict. Now lets just wait for the false flag, even if its completely fabricated, who is the media going to believe, KCNA propaganda? They'll eat out of the hands of NWO propaganda.

Provoking NK to start a war

Provoking NK to start a war is pure insanity. They have nukes and I suspect they have several delivery systems that can reach the US mainland. They have a fleet of Submarines (40-80) that may or may not have nuclear missile launch capability. Are our leaders so arrogant that they are blinded to reality? The missile that was launched off the coast of California Nov 9, 2010 has never been explained to my knowledge -- was the launch platform a Sub? If so, what country does it belong to? God help us if we get wounded because there will be a feeding frenzy because of the way we have dominated other countries since WW2.

April Fools haha.... oh wait, this was posted yesterday

dag nabbit

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A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.