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I don't have time to be narcissistic... I'm too busy being awesome...

Something just reminded me of this so I thought I would post it:

This occurred at our state convention where I was a delegate supporting liberty (and ron paul).

Now I don't follow directions well so I ended sitting in the wrong section. Hanging out with friends in district 1 section while I was a representative for district 3 made me late for the first vote on the delegates.

Since I hadn't found a seat yet I chose to fill out the ballot against the wall behind a large projection screen that hung down to about 4 feet from the ground. I stand about 6 feet tall so this created a little privacy while I filled out my ballot.

While I was checking the boxes of ron paul supporters a man with a camera joined me behind the projection screen and started snapping photo's of me. It seemed intrusive and felt like he was invading my personal space.

I was almost finished so I ignored him, but I probably looked slightly annoyed. As we stepped back into view of the convention floor another somebody said "get a photo of his credentials too".

Right then I then had one of those moments in life where you just react. Your body starts moving and you start talking without a thought passing through your mind. It was like a flash of clarity where you absolutely seize the moment.

Now I am as paranoid as the next guy, and I felt like the guy was a little instigating, but his motives mattered little anyway, so I grabbed my credentials from the lanyard hanging around my neck, held it up for display right next to my face, showed off my best shit eating grin and gave him a thumbs up with my other hand. Then I informed him that he was looking at the new face of Republican Party. As I put my arm around him and our focus turned to the crowd I pulled him in a little and I told him (referring to the photo's) that he was my ticket to the top.

Then I casually strolled away to look for a seat.

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Don't leave everyone hanging

Did you or did you not find a seat?

You destroyed your enemy by making him your friend.