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Silver Coins and Lawful Money

Can someone tell me if anything I say in the following 3 mins. is incorrect in any way shape or form ?


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4409 -- Federal Reserve won't give me "LAWFUL" money?

Title 12 USC subsection 411 of the Federal Reserve Act.

Btw, they're no longer redeemable in gold and silver coin, but they are still redeemable in Lawful Money(US treasury Notes & Coins). Look up Mobley M. MILAM vs. UNITED STATES of America.

Redeeming used to be in old school US Notes which have the red seal on them. Old US Notes do not have a FED seal ..Think pre-1964 $2 & $5 bills, which were the last ones issued.

They have since changed things, and now the FRN acts as a dual purpose instrument. It's both a privately owed debt instrument(FRN) & a lawful US Note. All you have to do is make your official demand for lawful money as per 12USC411.

US Notes don't place a lein(which needs to be discharged), nor do you incur an IRS enforced excise tax for the usage of them.

Saving suitors club member?

Have you filed a 1040 requesting 100% of your withholding back? There are a few people on there who have the 12USC411 stamp, which they put on the back of all of their checks, and record. The have filed their 1040 this way and are reporting back...

Just curious.

Can you take that 10 FRN

to the FED and exchange for 10 ASE's?

A dollar is 24.1g (371 4⁄16

A dollar is 24.1g (371 4⁄16 grains) pure silver, as defined in the Coinage Act of 1792.

Hummm ...

As soon as I find out the video taping rules for my nearest FED branch I might have to make a video about that ... Good Idea :)

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Same with gold

Can you take it to the FED and exchange for $10 face value gold? The contract says you can. You could probably get more value in 1/4 oz gold.

Nice explaination

It was short and sweet.

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