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Tom Woods working on a K-12 homeschool curriculum

As well as a way to connect families who want to homeschool but have 2 working parents with homeschooling families willing to take on extra children. Very interesting!!

Check it out!!


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Hello, My name is Ben and a

Hello, My name is Ben and a young history buff, working to get his history degree. Anyways, I was planning on not teaching in public school and setting up home school co-ops or families paying for classes sorta thing. Three times a week or something like that. My resource was going to be Libertyclassroom.com I have already at least listened to every lecture. Obviously it is going to take some time to become a valuable historian. Anyways, with this coming out by the time I am ready to teach it will be a perfect tool. I was just wondering if any of you have experience with group classes kinda like that, 1 1/2 hours like 3 times a week. I need into the homeschooling world so I can provide the best service, any suggestions would be awesome. My goal is to add a personal professional too the homeschooling curriculum to help with misunderstandings, have fun, and grow liberty. Thank you, Ben Springfield Missouri

Check out

yahoo groups and/or facebook for homeschooling groups in your area. The ones I belong to have one day per week where they allow ads for tutors and classes and such. Also, look for Homeschooling Curriculum Fairs in your area, co-ops will be advertising there and you can go around and meet people.
Here's a link to ours, just to get a feel for how it may be set up

Good Luck!

thank you :)

thank you :)

Ooh awesome, Bookmarked and

Ooh awesome, Bookmarked and will be checking back to see when it is published.

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Thanks Tom

Even for us who can't afford homeschooling. I'm a single father and have tried to interest my son in Liberty Classroom. It's way over his head.

This should be great. Public schools are horrendous. I was lucky enough to endure private school through 8th grade, although much was studying the human anatomy, if that makes sense (Playboy - ripped off between my Uncle and my Neighbor).

My son will still have to go to public school (jail for kids/babysitting) as I'm a single dad but if he's interested in this it should hopefully work well as long as it holds his attention, and improve his grades although he is slipping in science.

Once he's out of vacation we will check it out.

Much appreciated. Please put up a couple of videos to catch kids eyes. A couple of hundred bucks is a lot to me, but my son is worth it for sure. We are currently studying the civil war.

Thanks again.

Oh, if anyone knows of a science website please PM me. He could ace it but he's slipping.

Thanks again Tom.


Not sure if this helps, but this could be usefull:www.khanacademy.org. Just out of curiosity, what are the biggest expenses when homeschooling, besides the obvious time that you probably have to give up and not work...

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Thanks for the info, Angie.

Thanks for the info, Angie. Thanks for what you're doing, Tom. Everyone, let's keep stepping forward.

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Great Find Angie

Thanks for the info, I will pass it around to some people I know.

won't work for us

The whole point for me is NON CURRICULUM base. Let them discover naturally , the power of immersion, and you have a capable, secure, self sufficient, intelligent person. Non curriculum is the way of the future, that is if we really WANT intelligent, free people. I learned critical thinking in a month. Didn't learn that in 14 years of curriculum.

I've given serious thought

To unschooling with absolutely no curriculum next year, as well, but I thought it would be worth at least looking at what he has to offer. Some people may not be ready to make that big of a change yet so this could be a step in that direction for them. :)

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non curriculum could mean that they become curious about studying curriculum, hahahah. Reverse psychology

It could

You are right. I was just thinking that it's normal for some people to do things incrementally instead of all at once depending on their personality. Everyone is different. I probably think that because I really want to unschool but my husband thinks it's crazy... I can probably convince him for us to use a libertarian curriculum, however, and work on getting him used to unschooling, in the meantime.

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for a good idea.

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