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Central Banks Controlling the World Since 1694

The International Forecaster | March 30, 2013


Sadly, this is the system that predominates to the present day: a system of interlocking central banks leaving international financial control in the hands of a few private bankers. This system, following the template established by the Bank of England, accounts for almost the entirety of the world economy, and it is this system that wields the real financial and political control in almost every country on the planet.

Which brings us straight back to the quotation attributed to Kissinger: “who controls money can control the world.” Does it make a little more sense now? The control of the money is achieved through a central banking system which itself is controlled by a few shadowy figures at the very very top. And through this system, they control the world.

But don't take my word for it. Just take one of those pieces of paper money out of your wallet and have a look at it. Who's signature is on it? Your president or prime minister? Or your central bank governor? And what does that say about who is really in control?

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