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Bee Deaths From Colony Collapse Disorder On The Rise As Researchers Point To Pesticides

Honeybee deaths are on the rise across the world, and researchers are working to find the cause. With as many as 40 or 50 percent of commercial U.S. bee hives lost to colony collapse disorder, according to the New York Times, scientists are eyeing a relatively new class of pesticides as a likely culprit.

Neonicotinoids, which are chemically similar to nicotine, have already been shown to interfere with bees' capacity to learn scents, hampering their efforts to collect food. Read more:


What ever you may think of the Huffington post this article is very accurate. The seed coating on every seed planted is a Neonicotinoid pesticide and very deadly to all insects. It is a nicotine derivative for a reason, nicotine being a plant derivative is not foreign to plants it will reproduce it. So it comes out in the pollen and nectar of plants but kills bees.

I will most likely be out of the Honey business after almost 20 years, because of Monsanto and other companies forcing farmers into this mono culture farming.

It's too bad one industry is allowed to destroy another much smaller but has as lot of unseen consequences. When the bees are all gone where are we going to get viable seeds for gardening?

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While the Huffpo points to

While the Huffpo points to pesticides, apiologists point to viral causes. Don't care for anything posted by HuffPo

Southern Agrarian

Be like the horse

eat the hay and spit out the sticks. I dislike the site also, but like I said in the post I as a beekeeper am living this tragedy. I appreciate any light that will shine on it no matter where it comes from.

Please understand the virus infection your referring to is usually the result of poisoning by the crops around the hive. I am sure you are aware that this so called Israel Virus has been detected in hives that where alive over 30 years ago. This was taken from samples that were frozen and saved by the bee labs back then. This so called new revelation of virus infection is a RED HERRING the media and others love to latch onto to give Monsatan cover!

Please do not remain ignorant on the issue do some research. I have done thousands of hours of research plus lived it for almost ten years.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

We need to start planting native wildflowers from our regions

Here is a good seed catalog that has wildflowers for many of the prairie, southern and western states...not just native to Texas. The catalog is free. Non GMO. These people have gone out and found the seeds and have a huge ranch that grow all native grasses and wildflowers.

web site: https://www.seedsource.com/

Free Catalog: http://www.seedsource.com/catalog/requestcatalog.asp