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from Green Party forum 2nd Amendment Thread

Thought you all might want to read this:


"I'm quite fond of the over all tone of this thread. If this is in fact the Green position on guns, meaning that the party believes that problems with society are the primary cause rather than availability of guns, it is something that should be made more known to the general public.

The real problem is a lack of gun education coupled with a lack of adequate mental heath care and social justice. Background checks and proper enforcement of weapon bans for unstable or violent individuals is essential. These are the things which much change to reduce violent crime.

However, I am not for a national registry as I feel there is too much room for abuse and privacy invasion. The government has no more right to know what gun is in my home than it does to know shoes are under my bed."

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Thanks, Jaktober

Pretty rational discussion, overall - I don't
think many of them are actually aware of
this aspect of the situation, though:


Might be more motivated if they were...