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DHS Seizes 3D Gun Printer Defense Distributed or April Fools?

Recently spreading rumors around the net early April 1st are reports that famous printer of 3d guns, Defcad, or Defense Distributed, has had its domains seized by the Department of Homeland Security. The DHS Seizure Notice can be visited and seen HERE, and now can also be viewed at Defense Distributed Dot Com, where the notice expounds that associated businesses are being seized and associated individuals are being indited for:

Conspiracy to violate Arms Export Control Act
Conspiracy to violate Undetectable Firearms Act
Conspiracy to commit money laundering and criminal copyright infringement
What should be noted is that Defcad Dot Com is still operational, some are claiming the Defcad Dot Org servers would point towards government-owned servers if it truly had been seized, and just in the last couple of weeks, Defense Distributed received their federal firearms license.

One must ask, is this an april fools prank or has the government really gone this far? It is also interesting to point out that its even a reasonable suspicion that the government would seize this domain and pursue arrest of an intelligent and revolutionary group of individuals and their ideas, most definitely says a lot about tyrannical and out of control government.

If Defense Distributed was seized, the expected public and internet outcry & uproar will surely seize the ears, phone lines, and email inbox’s of legislators around the country. And if this is an elaborate April Fools Prank, it surely is a frightening one.

See the seizure notice HERE

LINK: http://livingnotsurviving.com/2013/04/01/dhs-seizes-3d-gun-p...

**posted with permission**

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