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What Are the Qualifications To Become A Sheriff?

There's only one: Get the most votes.

I've heard from the occasional soul that "you have to be a cop before you can become sheriff." This is categorically untrue.

Should you win and serve with honor you are required by your oath of office to do the following (and not limited to):

1) Regulate federal activity within your county. Techincally the FEDs are not supposed to be outside of the 10 mile square in DC. They have no jurisdiction anywhere in the country other than what these bought off sheriffs give them by looking the other way.

2) CEASE regulation on the substances that people put into their bodies. There are no powers delegated to government by the people that allows for this.

3) DO NOT INTERFERE with private contracts, which basically means MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Unless someone asks for your help you're not supposed to be forcing your "help" on them (they might not think it's "help").

...which would create the following:

1) A very loud "sucking sound" as the surrounding counties empty out into the free one where the economy is booming and there are plenty of opportunities. With hemp production there are a ridiculous amount businesses and jobs that would be created, just for starters.

2) A very pressing need for the surrounding counties to get their own sheriffs to start honoring their oaths of office or suffer the fate of being turned into ghost counties. No public official gets paid if nobody is around to pay any taxes.

So in summary: Sheriff, sheriff, sheriff... sheriff sheriff sheriff... sheriff sheriff sheriff... if you are paying attention to any other politician you've been DUPED into chasing pipe dreams instead of actually working to restore constitutional government.

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Okay if someone can put a serious comment above this

I would really appreciate it. Been looking at Smudges asinine bs for over a week. Thank you. Grow up Smudge!

...okay it just FEELS like a week!

Old school or new?

In the old days a beer gut and a drawl were pretty much compulsory. Plus you needed a cowbody hat.

These days it's a buzz cut and steroids.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Don't forget the little penis

Don't forget the little penis too

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown


oh we're so grown up at the Daily Paul. Why do people keep feeding the trolls?

The answer for liberty

is right up there in your noggin. All you have to do is wake up, click your heels three times and realize you have rights that are guaranteed.

Then we need to start educating the PEACE officers... in some cases by suing them in their private capacity for violating their oath of office. As soon as a public servant violates his oath of office he/she is effectively a ROGUE agent and acting in treason.

Honestly people wonder why I get so peaved around here...

It's because I am watching people who no longer believe the lame stream media but for some reason seem to still think any of these politicians (sold on lame stream media) in congress are actually relevant to their life in any way.

The constitution is rules for government. Government can then make additional rules for it's employees outside of that contract. This is why "statues" are not called "laws" ON PAPER... they just keep repeating "law" verbally and the public is effectively indoctrinated.

I GUARANTEE you that no court will ever send you a document stating that you "broke the law" they will always reference a statutory code.

Attorneys know statutes are not laws. Cops do not. Cops violate your rights without even knowing they are doing it by enforcing their employee codes on THE PEOPLE.

It's the same thing as if wal-mart sent people to your house to bust you for smoking pot because it's against company policy to smoke pot.

For one thing - even if you ARE a wal-mart employee - that rule can only be enforced WHILE YOU'RE ON THE CLOCK. When was the last time you got a paycheck from US Inc other that perhaps social security which you already paid into?

Isn't that slavery if you're an employee but don't get paid?