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DETROIT: North Terminal at Metro Airport has been evacuated Suspicious device found in x-ray machine

Also heard just now two children are stranded on a plane where the flight attendant escort bailed on them...(verifying)

DETROIT, Mich. -

The north terminal has been evacuated after a suspicious device was found in the x-ray machine around 6:15 a.m. Hundreds of passengers have been evacuated. Fire trucks, ambulances and police cars are on the scene. It isn't known what the item is but the bomb squad has been called in.

The check in areas and gates near that security check point have been evacuated. Also traffic has been rerouted. Anyone headed to the airport should avoid the north terminal. News stands and restuarants have also been closed. Police have roads blocked off.

If anyone has a flight leaving, they should call ahead and check in with their airlines to see when their flight will depart.


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Update: the object has been identified.


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"It's in the hole!"

The hole, of course, being Detroit.

A ray machine caught

A ray machine caught something .....not a TSA agent

It turns out that the

It turns out that the suspicious device.... is a Zune.

April Fools...

Couldn't be an April Fool's prank because remember...the real April Fool's Day is April 15th!

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Hey, that's my line...

Haha... I've been telling everyone this for years. The REAL April fools is April 15, when all us FOOLS line up to pay those immoral taxes !!!

Beware the cult of "government"...

It was probably a floppy

It was probably a floppy disk. You dont see many of those now a days and if someone is carrying one, they must be up to something.

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North Terminal at Detroit Metropolitan Airport all clear after evacuation

Airport spokesman says suspicious item found, removed from X-ray machine


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Lets guess what the device was

A ferbie? A tube of tooth paste? hmmm

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Probably a weapon of A$$

Probably a weapon of A$$ destruction. Or some kid's leapfrog.

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