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Iowa Campaign Director Interview

Iowa Independent has an interview with the new Iowa Campaign Director - Dr. Drew Ivers


The part I think people here should highlight, underline, take to heart, read, reread, reread again, print out, reread again, and make a plan.

Iowa Independent: Ron Paul has a huge internet following; how are you going to transfer some of this energy into your organizational efforts? In particular, how do you plan on getting the younger voters to the caucuses?

Dr. Ivers: (Laughing) There are a lot of mustangs out there, and my job is to get them corralled. This is a new precedent for us, and my job is to figure out how to convert all of this energy. The key is to motivate that energy, and we have some strategies that we will implement. One of the biggest challenges with the internet community is that a lot of these folks are more vocal than active. The internet is a great tool to get the message out, but we need to get the messengers to the Iowa caucuses on a cold January night.

Iowa Independent: How will Ron Paul's Iowa campaign change, now that you've taken over?

Dr. Ivers: Joe Seehusen and I talked about this, and the main difference between our strategies is that Joe used a traditional media campaign, whereas I intend to use more of a grass-roots, on-the-ground strategy.

Note: a lot of these folks are more vocal than active

That is US he's talking about. And the campaign is making the 100% correct decision. A win in Iowa or NH or these other early states will provide more positive publicity than 10,000 TV ads. And we in other states MUST have our own neighborhoods prepared by then - so that when the publicity wave hits (as it is in minature today), we will have plenty of people - armed with slimjims and other materials - knocking on doors THAT NIGHT.

The only way that is going to happen is by getting your neighborhood "buddy system" in place starting now. And that means knocking on doors FINDING every existing/serious RP supporter in your neighborhood.

Please people. I do not want to lose this election because we are too stupid to understand what the RP campaign is itself saying. It is time to stop being vocal and start being active.