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Big Cities try to rid themselves of their waste water sludge - calling it fertilizer now, don't USE this in your gardens

Various biosludge fertilizers under brand names like Millorganite (Milwaukee), Housanite (Houston) in addition to LA, Chicago along with big cities everywhere are creating so called safe fertilizers out of their toxic sludge from waste treatment plants.

They claim to boil or heat out the viral impurities from human waste so you can safely put it on your lawn and now crops, but only just a few years ago warning labels were attached to these products prohibiting such uses. However, toxic heavy metals and other hazardous materials like asbestos cannot be heated out and after lobbying efforts by both major political party insiders, these products are now being used by companies like Heinz, and other leading brands with all warning labels removed.

I suppose if Nevada called their radioactive waste at Yucca Mountain bio-fertilizer they could call it Bio Infused Illuminated Micro Spheres. Kinda like MiracleGrow on an atomic level.

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I know of a large farmer in Colorado...

who uses sludge from Denver to fertilize fields that raise food crops. Unfortunately, the tentacles of political corruption also affect the scientific process and cause me to question what is allegedly a safe use of waste water sludge.

http://www.dailypaul.com/277342 (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference)
http://www.StandUpForYourRights.me/?p=1264 (Fast and Furious hearing)

The grass is always greener over the septic tank

Erma Bombeck

They should water these

They should water these fields with Brawndo. Brawndo gots electrolytes...

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The Monsanto mentality

put enough lipstick on the pig, then everyone will want to kiss up!

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

A local municipality uses it to make compost

They add the sewage sludge to yard waste and tree trimmings. It makes excellent compost. They are upfront about it, and post the test records of the composting process including trace minerals and metals, measured thermophillic pile temperatures, and pathogen test results. It is fine for your grass straight, though they do still say not to use it on food crops (probably for legal resons) so if you want to use it you might let it sit an extra years first before using it on leafy greens or applying to a hay field or some use like that. If you are growing dent corn or oil beans that will be processed and not really anywhere near soil contact that should be fine as fairly fresh compost. The stuff is as safe as the person who is using it makes it, probably much safer that the average Humanure thet some use (and which is generally used widely around the world) just be wise about how you use it. It is a valuable source of fertilizer though, my garden does great with it.

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I don't think grass is a problem

other than possible groundwater contamination.

But people put everything from Draino to washing Teflon coated pots (outlawed next year) through the city waste systems, these chemicals and heavy metals do not get filtered out and thus the warning labels in the past. Even tiny amounts of lead can be a serious health risk. While water coming out of treatment plants is fairly clean, the reason it's clean is because all the toxic elements create sludge and this is supposed to be treated through a heat process.

I remember a place in Missouri called Times Beach that accident,y sprayed a toxic oil on roads to keep dust down, whole town was fenced off and closed because they couldn't get rid of the stuff, even burning the dirt was not enough they had to put in 50 gallon metal drums and it was buried in carved out rock area out of state.

Human piss, some call it

Human piss, some call it urine, is an excellent fertilizer. Has more nitrogen that ammonium nitrate, you have to dilute it with 20 parts water or it will burn the plants-if you've ever wondered about those yellow spots on your green grass, thats dog piss (urine) resulting in nitrogen burn...

You don't want to use it alone though, and give the ground a break from it...couple times a year at most, it can result in high salinity if you don't let the rain wash it down. Its a fast acting nitrogen, then a slow acting behind it like cow shit or bloodmeal or other slower release nitrogens.

The nice thing about piss is that its cheap, and plentiful....a family of two can produce enough nitrogen for a garden for more than two, family of four can produce enough for a garden for more than four, so on, and on...

I have to admit, I don't use it around potatoes, carrots, onions and such...but you don't need much nitrogen around root plants anyhow.

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not really the organic part of the fertilizer thats the problem

its the heavy metals, asbestos etc.

yeah i know. the companies

yeah i know. the companies that are producing this stuff should be required to filter it through their kidneys before putting on feed fields....

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