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Vaccine Interactive Post!

Complete list of vaccinations licensed for immunization and distribution in the US:


Merck Vaccines



ROTATEQ - Rotavirus


INFANRIX - (GlaxoSmithKline - Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis)
Merck does not produce






PCV13/PREVNAR 13 - Pneumococcal
Merck does not produce


POLIORIX - (GlaxoSmithKline - Inactivated Poliovirus)
Merck does not produce


FLUZONE - (6 months minimum age)
Merck does not produce for this age
Manufacturer: Sanofi Pasteur
NOTE: No other Influenza Virus Vaccine manufacturer provided by the FDA site was suitable for children 6 months of age

(See section 5.4)

M-M-R II - (Measles, Mumps and Rubella)


VARIVAX - (Varicella)

(See section 8.4, 11- frozen)

(See section 8.4, 11 - refrigerated)

VAQTA - (Hepatitis A)

(See section 8.4)

MENOMUNE-A/C/Y/W-135 - (Meningococcal conjugate vaccine, quadrivalent)
Merck does not produce
Manufacturer: Sanofi Pasteur



Our Pediatrician advised us that the vaccines being administered through his employer were provided by Merck, however there are 5 different vaccines in which Merck does not even manufacture, whether due to the age of administration or specific type of vaccine on our vaccination schedule. Again, even our own Pediatrician isn't aware of who actually manufactures and provides their own vaccines.

INGREDIENTS - (Alphabetized and links)




Please understand that this is a comprehensive listing/citation of vaccines that are being administered by our children's Pediatrician and that all parents should feel empowered to ask for the name of the manufacturer of their children's vaccines. I leave you all to research the ingredients on your own; studies, clinical trials, adverse affects, etc. and know that the greatest insights come from your ability to self-educate thereto your capacity to learn and spread your knowledge to others.

**Please use this post as an ongoing interactive template and spread the message**

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My vision for this thread...

is to form a conglomerated and easy-to-read/alphabetized format - wouldn't it be awesome to utilize the Daily Paul in order to see the synthesis of singular vaccination link - portal?

Contribute everything and I will finalize it as alphabetzied by link and vaccination...

This is too important of an idea, that not only could involve us all but serve as a link in order to make people's research easier.

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Contribute please!

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US government schedule of vaccines beginning at birth

This is in table form. I notice it is recommended that both boys and girls age 11-12 get the Human papilloma virus vaccines (3 doses) which is for a sexually transmitted virus.

Between birth and age 18 I counted about 50 vaccinations. Don't forget to include the 18 flu shots beginning at 6 months old.


Exactly, Saying "I got vaccinated and I'm fine" is ridiculous

Most of us on this board have never come close to having so many vaccines. The medical industry, the government, and the drug companies are bombarding our children. Most of those vaccines occur before the age of 5.

I think the HPV vaccine (and why they want to give it to both boys and girls in adolescence is designed for sterilization. I think vaccines in general...especially flu vaccines are about culling populations all around the world.

The biggest proponents and pushers of vaccines are the same ones that love planned parenthood and desire huge population reduction and are worried about global warming. They are not out to save lives. The want less people born and the they want less people breathing.

Lots of big profit

in manufacturing vaccines. And if it is government legislated that you have to be vaccinated, it is built into the economy, like cancer which is also a big money maker.

And if the vaccines are made with cancer viruses then the proffi