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Update on James Holmes No Trial - Plea Bargain For Death Penalty Or Life In Prison With No Appeal: Even If New Evidence Emerges

Where is the evidence? Where is the Trial?
VIDEO with new footage I have not seen. Holmes may be a witness to the actual shooter, and he ends up a patsy, like Lee Harvey Oswald.

The way they are doing this no evidence ever need come to light! Holmes enters a guilty plea and there is no trial and no evidence presented. Holmes would give up his right to appeal by pleading guilty, even if new evidence emerges later. And although Holmes could ask to change the plea if new evidence surfaces , he would not be allowed to reverse his guilty plea.

Why the rush to plea bargain and sweep this kid out of sight so fast, either life in prison or death? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? What about a real trial, and not a trial by MEDIA?

And what about his obvious drugged condition during the crime and still drugged to the eyeballs while in jail all this time? His lawyer looks very stressed and he still has the huge drugged pupils.

In the meantime: fueling and pushing through the UN GUN Ban Treaty
"Obama to visit Denver on Wednesday
U.S. President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Denver on Wednesday to highlight the legislation as part of his push for more gun control following December's Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut." http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2013/04/01/colorado-theat...

ALSO in the meantime, people in America and all over the world continue to buy more guns, because they have NO FAITH in their governments, banks, justice system, or the NWO.

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Here is something NEW

I did not see this before but there is video footage that definitely points to another person who may be the one shooter. Holmes may be a patsy and he may have seen the crime committed. NEVER forget how ruthless the PTB can be and are. Holmes may be completely innocent, and what a case the MEDIA has built against him. But Holmes does not have a chance. Another patsy.


Seems a little unclear. I think

they have no solid evidence. Psyop to shape public opinion for GUN CONTROL and to accept this kid is guilty without a trial, and he has 2 choices only: death or life in prison. The article also says the following:

Prosecutors had said the defense proposal wasn't a valid plea bargain offer, although they could still agree to a plea before the case goes to trial.

The decision to seek execution will delay the start of the trial until at least February, and the judge acknowledged even that might not be enough time for all sides to prepare. The trial had been planned to begin in August.