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SoCon accuses libertarians of supporting big government

Been going back and forth with another big government statist over at HotAir. He is a supposed "social Conservative" who claims that libertarians love the welfare state. It's a novel approach he tries to push on others.

"You do not like small government. You just do not want to pay for the big government the lifestyles you demand our nation underwrite upfront support and have no power to curtail through standard social mores.

The reason we cannot do so is because of the wealth transfers. So long as they exist, it means there is ONE and only ONE way to curtail degenerates from overwhelming the nation, and that is laws. It is not by choice that we have to use government to do this. It is as the last and only resort to defend OUR FREEDOM. FREEDOM which you obviously do not understand.

Snorting coke as an individual is fine by me, so long as when they blow their brains I am not paying for it.
Being a pot head is just fine for an individual by me, so long as when they are too lazy to get up off the sofa in their drug hazed mind they are not able to collect money taken from my pocket without my permission.
Sodomizing every joe in the neighborhood behind closed doors for individuals is just dandy by me. But do not demand that I recognize your degenerate lifestyle and when you get AIDS or some other debilitating resultant of your activities, I am not willing to pay for it.

You do not understand freedom, if you did, you would understand that how our society is set up right now is not freedom. All the things you demand we allow for freedom and liberty sake leaves out the one requirement for that. That the consequences of their free choices are born on their shoulders and theirs alone, and that if they want us to help them bear it, that they have to come begging for CHARITY instead of going to the government to use force to steal our labor."


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Not worth registering for Hotair just to debate

But this is one of the most pathetic excuses for reasoning I have read.

He's excusing the fascist laws he so dearly loves to impose because he's forced to pay for others mistakes. This is the same excuse all progressive's use, and he is a progressive/fascists. The essence of fascism is belief in government guns to achieve change.

All progressives, left or right, use the very same logic. Well they have to correct for some past infraction of our freedom with some other infraction. That's just the way it is.

They will also at the same time say we're crazy for saying 'slippery slope' when that is exactly the argument they are using. Well of course we would prefer not to have to tell you that you can't have a big gulp, but since we are forced to pay for obese people there's no other choice.

And when we said that further socializing medicine would lead to exactly these consequences progressives said "you crazy libertarians always worried about the 'slippery slope', that will never happen, of course we'll never tell you what you can and can't eat".

The solution to progressivism is freedom, not more progressivism.

Similarly immigration reform is to give everyone work vises but no path to citizenship unless they stay off any government subsidy for say 5 years. Then there's no excuse about them using public resources. That's logical.

But the progressives don't want that on either side. On the one side they want them on the dole and voting, and on the other they don't actually believe in free market competition they think keeping mexican workers out is going to 'protect their wages'. Which of course it won't in the long run. It will just force more jobs overseas or to be automated as we see.