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Origination Clause suit could wipe out Obamacare

After one of our Supreme Court's worst decisions, Obamacare is a tax. If it generates revenue however, legislation must originate in the House. Obamacare originated in the Senate. An Origination Clause case could nullify Obamacare in one stroke.


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We should just


The banking industry wants everything to originate in the senate

The banking industry owns the vast majority of senators since illegal ratification of the 17th amendment.

The banking industry does not hold as great of control over the house of representatives, and certainly not the same level of influence over the state assemblies and legislatures due to the vast number and varied campaigns nationwide.

When the state legislatures appointed the US Senators prior to the 1913 17th amendment we actually had the states represented in Washington DC (as opposed to the Federal Reserve now).

Prior to 1913 the states dictated to the federal government. Now the banks dictate federal law to the states and enslave the people.


I made this

argument to one of John Boehner's aids a long time ago. They are not interested in pursuing that.

I've been making this argument

for a long time now. I thought Roberts may have ruled it a tax for this very reason. Glad to see there is a case. I hope they don't dismiss this.

I highly doubt anything will come of anything like this

True justice and any semblance the DC will operate within the Law or at all reflects the will of the people is just about dead.

Not pessimism at this point imo. Realism.

This country has completely jumped the shark.

There's a first time for everything.

The Justice Department filed a motion to dismiss the challenge in November, arguing that the high court has considered only eight Origination Clause cases in its history and “has never invalidated an act of Congress on that basis.”