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When did the Daily Paul become a Christian extremist website?

What is going on? This is pathetic. Christian extremists don't give a damn about liberty for those that disagree with them. They routinely fight to strip individuals of their rights. They prance around declaring that non-believers are going to "hell" and warning the heathens are under the influence of "Satan". Why are they involved in the Liberty movement? Because they need to weaken the local and federal governments so they can push their creation myth on EVERYONE. Look out Liberty Movement. They are using you/us......

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I would love to see the Christians

upvoting scientologists and muslims when they post from the quran or dianetics. Bet we won't see that anytime soon.

Our delusion or none at all! Right you mob of downvoting charlatans?

No train to Stockholm.

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O subjectivity.

O subjectivity.

Although of Christian faith, I have several times - WITHOUT ANYBODY asking me or expecting it - denounced the outraging injustice or revolting crimes sometimes done against peaceful and honest people who happened to be Muslims, or of any other faith or absence thereof for that matter. This is I believe looking at people FIRST before trying to label them, if ever.

By the way, should also Dr. Ron Paul be considered among the "mob charlatans"?

I am asking because in his book "End The Fed" (about which I beg everyone I come across to read), Ron Paul uses several times the quoting and commentary of important passages OF BOTH the Old Testament and the New Testament regarding the notion of sound money, honest scales, weights and measures, to back up his beliefs and values on this critical topic for civilizations and that the peoples of this earth have recklessly overlooked or downright forgotten... (or is the Federal Reserve System and legal plunder thru central banking AND central planning a figment of our imagination over the last century?)

Is he also an "extremist" the 40 YEAR LONG rationalizing of whom about the importance of sound money should be disregarded on the basis of his own faith? Again, I am just asking.

Also, YMMV but I have yet to see ANYONE able to dig out ANY original post of mine throughout almost 2 years that would be arbitrarily offensive on here, RIGHT OUT OF THE BLUE, and which would try making an aggressive case against ANY other faith which isn't mine, or against atheism also, by the way.

Meanwhile, I CANNOT HELP but notice the constant, sustained, RECURRING diatribe of non believers AGAINST ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY one specific faith : ours, Christians. Isn't that a strange coincidence?

I have nothing to say about or against any faith which isn't mine or absence thereof - I am NOT competent to tell others what they "ought to" believe in or not, I can only advertise once in a while about my own system of beliefs - but I beg to have the right to defend mine, precisely, when it is being GENUINELY ATTACKED for no apparent reason other than the pleasure(?) of defaming, debasing, when not downright insulting it.

Now, should I be taken for an intolerant for the above? Or is it TOO MUCH TO ASK?

You decide.

I'd kindly point out, to the OP and others, that mirrors might still come in handy for some people sometimes, if they had doubts.


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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


B A M !


" I get to my God through Christ". - Ron Paul


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It's ridiculous to call DP...

a Christian extremist website. If Christians are becoming more vocal, it's because Obama's policies are particularly offensive to anyone who believes in God. The Christian church has been too passive for too long so I'm glad some Christians are getting active.

http://www.dailypaul.com/277342 (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference)
http://www.StandUpForYourRights.me/?p=1264 (Fast and Furious hearing)

Because you live in a very

Because you live in a very religious country, known as the USA that is why. All the Puritans of England and right wing Christians founded this country.

Is this a joke

So you want a strong federal and local government to force everyone into public schools to teach them whatever myth you want .. hmmm who said control the children you control the future, it doesn't matter what your parents teach you .. so really you are for LIBERTY

Extremism is a people problem,

not a Christian problem, not a Muslim problem, not a Jewish problem and not an atheist problem. You are pretty much guaranteed to find extreme fringes in each group. To assume that the entire group is represented by the actions of a few is bigoted and simple minded IMHO.

What's up

withup with all the intolerant articles being written like this one?

Yep the United States was founded by

Christian Extremists, not withstanding Christian Extremists, other religious extremists, Athiests, etc., all should be here to bring America back to a Constitutional form of Government.

Extremism is popular.

Extremism is popular.

Take your truckload of down votes

on your highway to hell.

These anti-Christian piss ants need a new hobby.

Strength in numbers

Just like the crusades. Grab your pitchfork and stab the unbelievers for casting doubt on your mythology.

No train to Stockholm.


..... except that we use words, that feel like a pitchfork to an extremist non-believer.

Here's your mirror.

Let Me Be Frank

Posts like yours are just another example of how irrational, bigoted, narrow-minded, and intolerant some non-Christians can be, yet, you would charge Christians of being the same. Perhaps you aren't as much of a freethinker as you think you are.

Don't Bother Arguing

It will not receive any reasonable response. You will only be attacked and told what a loser you are for thinking christians are the self-righteous assholes that they tend to be. THEY are superior and enlightened and all knowing and YOU are stupid, in the dark and ignorant since you disagree with them. BTW, I upvoted this thread but all the downvotes just goes to show how far off base DP has gone from it's original cause. I have noticed that a lot of the older crowd has left. It used to be about Ron Paul now it's all about Jesus or bashing animal lovers or how great Rand is or NOTHING at all. Too bad.


love animals

but the whole left wing, big media, Christian extremism is old and overused, just like when the left rants about things calling everyone racist if they don't agree.

So are you here for the

So are you here for the animal loving?

You PIG!! You TROLL!! a Member for 2 months?

Get lost!

Did you just join? Seems you

Did you just join? Seems you don't know how to look at a profile.

It's a thumb based conspiracy perpetrated by Lamb Men!!!

That just means you got outvoted while you were deciding which button to hit.

(edit) BAH! You edited your post. I was too late.

It was right between the 4th and 5th times you were banned

Yep, that's when we had a vote and decided to become a Christian extremist website. Sorry you missed it.

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Well, if this is extremism :

Well, if this is extremism :


... then, not only I revendicate it, but I am also proud of it, and I am as much glad not to be, say, "lukewarmist".

That said, let us chill out, bear with our faith,



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Your title sounds like "When

Your title sounds like "When did the Daily Paul become a terrorist website?"

Are your trying to get some attention? If so, you have succeeded.

Why not ask the questions.

Question #2.

If prostitution is legalized and a female prostitutute is a business, does she have the right to deny service to anyone based on race, religion or age?

Question #1.

Are we to teach that being homosexual is good, encouraging our sons to some day find a man and get married?

When? Now! When people like

When? Now! When people like you create these extreme posts....

When did the Daily Paul

become a censored website?

I find it quite puzzling as to why some extremist non-believers, who seemingly have little tolerance for religious freedom of speech, would support and vote for someone who is both a Christian and staunch supporter of free speech - namely Ron Paul.
That always seems so hypocritical to me.

Since Ron Paul claims to be a Christian - why shouldn't people discuss Christianity on a website devoted to him and his principles.
I'm sure Dr. Paul attended church services on Easter Sunday - should one consider him a fool believing in fairy tales?
I have an idea...
Why don't all the non-believing complainers on this website send a petition expressing their views, criticisms. jokes and complaints about Christianity (the same vocabulary voiced on this website) to Dr. Paul. Perhaps he would address this serious issue and ask the Christians to please stop quoting scripture on a website bearing his name and to refrain from discussing their belief in God.
Dr. Paul's response would be most interesting - including to your post.


Thank you for utilizing your 1st Amendment right to talk about other people's free speech. Maybe you can teach the government how this process works.

Liberty: Too big to fail


He wasn't trying to censor this guy's 1st amendment right. He was replying to a post complaining about other people's points of views. His complaint is not the 1st amendment being used for something he disagrees with, it was the fact this guy wants others to not use their's.

more like anti christian extremist website

True Christianity Is The ultimate In Freedom and liberty