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Stop and Frisk Recorded

Listen to these NYPD talking about breaking this guy's arm. Telling him to shut the f*** up, repeatedly.

This is what is happening on our streets...


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This alone should be enough to have the mayor and commissioner..

This alone should be enough to have the mayor and commissioner arrested for conspiracy and treason.

They have no respect for the peoples right to go about their way unhindered.

It is conspiracy to assault and then unreasonably search everyone.

Anyone who can demonstrate that their rights have been violated in this way have a right to fight back and repel the aggressors with lethal force.

If 5 rapists came at your wife or your daughter this way (even without baring arms) she would be justified in shooting all of them dead even before they started touching her.



I could not believe when the guy said that he was just stopped a couple blocks away. New York is the model city for tyranny.


what ithe HELL is wrong with the people that vote these hams into office?

What really, reallly,

What really, reallly, reeeaaaalllllyyyyy pisses me off is how the cops go along with it for the paycheck. And what's up with New Yorkers? ONLY ONE FREAKING AUDIO OF THIS EVER CAPTURED! You get the gubermint you deserve!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown