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David Stockman: Ben Bernanke Is The Most Dangerous Man In US History

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Stockman is Wrong About Cash vs. Gold

Gold is real money. For hundreds and thousands of years, the royals had all of their treasure in Gold, Silver and precious stones. If the Rothchilds covet and hoard Gold and Silver, we should as well.

When all else fails, there will always be a small remnant in ever society that will live and prosper by using gold and silver as a medium of exchange..

"Eventually, paper money will fail and return to its natural intrinsic value, zero." ~ Voltaire

He prefaced his statement

listen again

Hello again Mr. Stockman.

Hello again Mr. Stockman. Selling another book? As a member of the CFR you should have all the bailout money you need.

This time don't give us Barabbus!

He's looking MORE EVIL every day...

Doesn't he? I mean, just look at his face, his shifty eyes, his gestures with his hands, his grunt-like posture, and his look of boredom, as if he is just being at a meeting or TV press gathering, just cuz he has to be. He knows it's staged, and only certain journalists are allowed inside to ask certain questions. Of course, they select a question or two that appear to be controversial, just so we can't point fingers at it all being contrived.

Uh--huh, and you don't think the NETWORKS are being controlled during those press conferences? Right.

Dr. Paul has been saying this about FED Chairmen for...

...40 years.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

David Stockman since when has any puppet been a

Ben Bernanke, most dangerous man. Not even, he dont spit unless he has permission from the Rothschild family.

Wrong, please understand that no corporation is run by the shills installed to run it. Its run by the real corporate owners.


What did the Rothschild Family do?

Is it a crime to make loans to fiscally irresponsible governments.

Democracies are ever greedy for more money. Not since 1835 has a President paid down the National Debt.

Since 1835 no payment on the principle has been made.

The US Department of Treasury has never held Treasure only promissory notes.

We were sold us as Collateral in the 14th Amendment and greedy federal and state legislatures groveled before the banking class for a loan that would save the US from the bankruptcy brought on by the Civil War.

Congress further welcomed fraud to our shores with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Each time they raise the debt ceiling another right is extinguished albeit unlawfully.

The Founding father's were wrong to entrust Congress with debt.

Free includes debt-free!

You ask; Is it a crime to make loans to fiscal irresponsible

governments. It sure is if you just digitized the money up out of thin air. In fact id say two crimes. One, the counterfit of sovereign curency. Second, USURY loaning the counterfit worthless digits at a COMPOUNDING rate. We can add the immoral extorted theft called tax collected on the basis of the false national debt.
Im amazed that you do not see these as crimes.

Instead you say the government is corrupt not the zionist jewish Rothschild controllers of the Rothschild central bank, no problem there huh.

Im suprised after the last election that you dont see that the counterfiters are the real owners of everything and I mean every dam thing. Every corporation including the corporate USA in DC. Do you realy think they allow just anyone to become elected.

If you had the wealth and power that the Rothschild family does over this world would you allow anyone to become president, the head of a country, and jeperdise your central bank counterfit extortion, theft, control, crime against humanity?

I shake my head because either your the enemy or your just dumbly supporting the enemy by making the enemy to be the puppet Government and not the actual people responsible, the Rothschild mafia. The one's that are forcing the compounding national False debts upon humanity.


But in each case Congress agreed to the usury by enabling it.

In this new millennium this government has been the chief actor it the rearrangement of the world's resources to better suit the banking families.

The plan of the elite is to bury us with kindness by loaning ourselves into a corner. They did this to the State of Michigan who borrowed $5 million for public works in 1837. They were due to default on the $5 million Note. The Bankers bought the works project for $2 Million leaving Michigan with a $3 Million debt.

Nobody does stupid like governments. In State after state and across the nation this same them has played out. We have to stop doing stupid if we hope to get out from the obligations governments are trying to hang on the People.

Government debt needs to be made unconstitutional. That would go a long way to solving this terrible problem.

Free includes debt-free!

But as I said and say congress is installed not elected

Congress agreed to usury as a puppet agrees to usury. So we can spend our time screaming at the puppet for that dam usury. OR OR MEYBE we can look to the puppet master. FOLLOW THE USURY TRAIL all trails lead to only one name. ROTHSCHILD.

Saying its the fault of congress is like saying its the fault of my dog. Both have a master who they listen to.

You use terms like they and we and us. Please I do reject these terms as inapropriate.

The false debt loans from the Rothschild central bank to the Rothschild installed and controled govenrment did not get a cent to your pocket. THEY DID NOT LOAN YOU ANYTHING. They loaned themselves counterfit digites at a COMPOUNDING loan then they turned to you and said you have a debt. If you call this kindness your insane.

Its false debt being used to enslave you.

If I come and punch you in the face most would say thats a wrong and agressive action but If I make claims of FALSE DEBT, now even tho I am the one harming you everyone sees me as the injured party.

False debt being used to justify any and every immorality, theft, extortion, torture/prison, even murder.

False debt being used to force cowardly immoral submission to liars theives and murders.


We meaning you and I. Not some collective strawman.

Of course, it wasn't kindness. It was a sucker punch in the end.

Hating A Banking Family is not an action item. Who cares? Where's the profit in that.

I suggest that markets are more powerful that bankers. The price of Gold is again compensating for the banking fraud.

Us Federal Debt Priced in Gold.

In 1970 and 2000 the market worked to correct the Congressional frauds.

If Congress feared hanging from a noose if they dared borrow another cent that would be progress. It's not likely the bankers will quit offering what they have found lucrative.

I don't disagree. Personally I never plan to borrow money that I cannot repay when I make a loan.

What more can I do?

Free includes debt-free!

What more can I do?

If you are serious. YOu can become self seficient. Grow your own food. Walk and ride bicycle get rid of your car. You can earn as little as possible or none if possible. This will cause you to stop paying extorted theft called income tax in a legal non threatening way. You can invest what money you have or earn into self seficient power and water sources.

You can gorrilla garden. You can be the best example to others on how to disengage from the false debt system and live free.

You do not need permission to be free, in fact those who demand submission and permission need to be avoided at all cost.


I've been on that road for over 30 years.

Then the creature from Jekyll island reared it's head. Self Reliance seems like a good option to have. Understanding the Jekyll Island creature and its ancestors called for a re-evaluation

I sell scrap metals. Now I work to buy low and sell high.

My friend Phil and I are thinking about building a steam engine this summer. By next year electric power and heat will be locally produced.

Six Red hens as soon as I get the cages built.

Basically we agree on the frauds and thefts and that this behavior is criminal.

We also seem to agree that we better take care of ourselves, no one is going to do it for us. Certainly not government or their banking buddies.

I see the government as an intermediary, bought and paid for. They don't work for us. They haven't for nearly 100 years.

Free includes debt-free!

Most disagreaments here are about details and not the big

picture. By revenge upon the Red family the system would continue with a new criminal taking the head spot. I agree the hogs that assemble at the Red sheild trouth and call themselves government need to be held accountable. Changing govenrments wont stop the debt slavery either.

So we come to the real soluton and we agree upon it. Chickens are a good Idea. You can have a coop that is movable and use the area that it is located for fertalizer and bug control.

Nice to meet you

Freedom is a choice and a responsibility.

Good luck my freind.


Thanks Sov

Maybe we should take a closer look at the last 220 years. The same mistake was repeated. It has never been necessary to allow government on any level to be a Debtor.

Yet the Constitution specifically permits debt and selling securities. Never once in 220 years has our survival been threatened in any meaningful way, where giving Congress debt authority "saved the day".

Instead it has been endless debt and promises to pay interest forever, is a threat to survival.

Compounding the error in the Constitution the States ratified the 14th Amendment. The Federal government needed to conquer the Southern States, recharter them to get the power to create unquestionable debts.

US history is pockmarked with bankruptcies buried beneath the Grand Ole Flag.

These mistakes can be corrected by prohibiting any government from incurring any debts. Over 220 years it always ends badly for liberty, indebted governments go bankrupt. The same is true the world over.

Not a principle but an empirical fact.

Well, now Iv'e solved that problem, at least for me, I'll get to the chicken cages!


Free includes debt-free!

I do not and never have reccomended hating a bank family

So you have a family that has conducted a multi generational multitude of crimes against humanity.

This Red Sheild family has a central bank that counterfits digital money then loans it to the Government.

So you say we need not have any problem with this family after all why hate those bankers.

We as in you and I of course, allow them to bait our congressmen then we threaten to murder our congressmen if they borrow the counterfit money? Did I get you right?

sure you choose a nicer word hanging but its the same thing as murder in my book.

I think your reasoning is way off base. Exactly why again do you and I allow this Family to have their central bank in our nation.

The only reason I can think of is because we continue to blame the Government instead of actually Identifying the real Rothschild bank extortion theft problem and withdrawling from it. I have.


Put humanity into a position of Debt slavery and

A crime to counter fit money make fictious loans to installed puppet governments installed through fake elections. A crime to loan money to your puppets then turn to the free humans and say you all owe me for a COMPOUNDING NATIONAL DEBT. You got to be joking.

Do you realy believe a loan from a bank to your government occured and that loan made you in debt, a tax payer to pay a national debt?

You said: "Democracies are ever greedy for more money. Not since 1835 has a President paid down the National Debt"

This is because they are in on the swindle presidents are installed not elected and certianly not chosen by the people. Puppets apply for puppet jobs thats how they get the job. The debt payoff is never intended to be acomplished. Only through that false debt can these low life scum swindlers make claims of collections as they brutalize their victums. any immoral behavior can be justified by claims of flase debt. A big scale mafia strong arm scam being pulled on humanity by the red sheild family.

perpetual genocide. Criminal counterfiters who use false debt to foist every fowel vile evil upon humanity in the name of debt collection.
Democracies are just a tool for these evil sub humans. Democracy is a perversion in the Rothschild puppet show where they owne every media both parties the central bank and everything else counterfit money and false debt extortion can buy.

How naive to even ask.