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Do You Trust The Blaze?

I just recently found The Blaze TV. I watched a little bit today and saw them attacking Rince Priebus. I was kind of shocked because they sure didn't seem to care before. I got a sketchy feeling about it. Especially, the people he has Hosting. The Blaze seems to talk Conservative and makes sense, but then they go supporting Neo-Cons like Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio. During the election, Glenn Beck attacked us Ron Paul Supporters, called us crazy/Terrorists and claimed "anybody can beat Obama". Well they were wrong, but some how Glenn gets a TV show? These type of people get on my nerves because The Blaze seems like a friend that back stabs you. Dana Loesch is another one that bugs me. She acts like she is so conservative and knows it all, but I remember her making fun of Ron Paul and his supporters during the election. Nothing is going to change because people keep being deceived. The Blaze is not on our side. They just want guys like me to support them, watch them, so they can get views & make money. I get upset because there is nothing good on TV when it comes to Politics. The best they offer is The Blaze and it angers me. I just want to know how every one else feels about all this.

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Southern Agrarian


Hell no.

The Blaze is a cult of personality. Plain and simple.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

GB is an agent. He is

GB is an agent. He is controlled opposition for disinformation. So listen to him or his media, if you must, only for entertainment.

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