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Ron Paul explains oil prices in 2008 debate - Today was he right?

I wrote this as a comment to another post but decided to give it life here for others to use if they like in an effort to wake some more folks up. Edits/suggestions for distribution versions appreciated in your comments. This is old hat info for most of you members here. But still appreciate you helping me hone my message and style outside the choir.
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Ron Paul explains oil prices in 2008 debate - Today was he right? Video 1 min 30 sec. Ron Paul from the 2008 presidential debates before they heavily censored him.


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You may or may not know that after the "Qualitative easing" (printing of money from thin air) rounds one and two known as QE1 and QE2, that got so much attention last summer (2012) during the fake Congressional debt ceiling debates, since last fall and prior to the election both parties quietly agreed to allow the Federal Reserve (America's privately owned central bank) to simply print money without Congressional acknowledgement to the tune of 80 Billion per month. This is going on today and is largely unreported by the media . To learn more about fiat money and the private central bank, when you have time click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j69Ap4lndl0 (30 minute video you can watch with your kids)

That is the solution prescribed to help the economy by the government,,, print more money and have it lent back to that very same bloated government. Yes, I said lent... A private bank prints American dollars out of thin air (electronically and actually by directing the US treasury dept to do so through the US mints) and then lends them back to us at interest through bond purchases and other means. Pretty good scam, ay?

What it is in fact, is blatant theft of the value of the dollars in your pocket each month now by diluting their real value in goods and services while only enriching those that create the money and have the value of its first use, the banks. Meanwhile, you and I and your kids and grand kids are shackled with more debt and devalued dollars to pay it with as our industries are off-shored and our kids sent to war to support their quest for empire and a world wide leveled labor market that does not include a large working middle class as America had, expects, and deserves.

Feeding us misinformation in the form of controlled public discourse through an owned media, using a blame of terrorism to create fear and control, prices are explained not as deflation and public debt but, as a natural symptom of another war we have not yet fought and how they require less freedom among us to protect us.

The theft they perpetrate is by intentional deflation of the US dollar and outright confiscation of wealth through taxpayer bailouts. The Big lie goes on and Ron Paul is still today continuing to speak out. But, you will have to find out for yourself as you will never be told honestly through radio, tv, or the papers what is really going on here.

The Roman empire lasted 800 years. We have been around for 236. We are not immune to human history if we do not find our way back to the ideals of an inspired ancient Greece, the Magna Carta, and the US Constitution. We may be doomed to repeat the failures our forefathers fought so hard to recognize and guard us against through their own sweat and blood and the generations of those enlightened and engaged ones before them.

Please do your part to talk to your busy friends neighbors and family. We can still beat these forces if we get involved and get others involved.

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Thanks for the awesome video

Thanks for the awesome video clip. Scary no other dirt bag raised his hand except Ron to answer the basic economics question.

Southern Agrarian