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Smudge Pot weighs in on this DP religious war.

So. The latest division. I trust this means things have got sufficiently boring.

Hey, I have been in this movement before it was one and several before that and this type of thing happens even before we suspect divisionists and shills. One thing that impresses me lately is some arguments here are not by new shill profiles but by people who have been here for a while.

Ok so ideologically we got some snags to work out but it's the ideology of freedom what brought us together to begin with.

All I can do is kinda step back and try to switch lenses and native American spiritually has always demanded that of me. It's just one of an infinite number but it's a lense I am given. And in particular my lense has a specific range it was designed to do and one of these is to try to focus on people like us.

Because for a while there weren't many specifically like us.

Now there are many like us. I'd share more about or share again why I think so (all about prophecy) but maybe I should state a bit more explicitly what some of you know and what I am.

I'm only a little itty bit indian and not-white. The rest of me is white. Most of me is. The fact that I got picked up by successive native tutors and put in touch with this aspect of my blood is not something I planned out though I will tell you that I asked for it. With all my heart I asked for it. I can think myself back to youth and this life was like sandpaper on my skin, it hurt, it was wrong, nothing made sense, it HURT AND IT WOULD NOT STOP.

So if I tell you the Red Road saved me, would you think I had something to say or would you see a coward that hides behind tradition and cannot handle the world as it is?

I had kinda lost hope at one point even with all this training and reinforcement and lost my direction until once again in my young adulthood i was called back. To the One Fire. And when I smoked The Pipe, The Channupa, the One Sacred Pipe as an adult, everything smoothed out for me. The road got smoother from there. Things made sense. It was like every fact and belief as just floating around for me before that and i had no way to put things into order in a way I could work with.

The pipe, over the course of a few short years and the people who administered it to me helped me organize all this stuff and all the sudden gravity came back in and SNAP! Now I understand. At least to a degree where I can function.

Big whoop right?

Hey laugh with me for a sec cause for a while there I didn't know what to do. I think our school and religious training, well a lot of it confused more of us than it helped and some of us have to un-learn stuff. You know that right?

So in addition to learning how to accept OUR NATIVE RELIGION, the guys I was hooked up with happened to be about accepting ALL RELIGIONS so to make a very long story short, I got exposed to lots of religions and that was cool but for one thing.

One thing that has become so clear to me on DP and our actual real-time, real-world interactions because one of my historic functions has been to physically secure you people with all-volunteer forces which means you people (not natives and not anybody else but you) and I have seen you "principled atheists" in action. And I cannot say enough good things about you. In every measure of faith and fidelity I have seen you perform, I have seen you put your lives on the line and I have seen 100% ethical purity from you. I am like I don't care what you believe, the God I know went to extravagant lengths to produce people like you.

That is why when I call a team together, people of every faith or no faith at all respond. Each one who responds to these jobs not only puts themselves potentially in harm's way, we never have quite enough food or water or comfortable places to sleep and these teams spend their money to fly and drive from all over this nation to answer this call.

It's called service. Some are called to serve. You hear the call or you don't.

Never in our history have we been armed in our service. Every time we really discuss this, we want to be able to protect you but we come down to one thing: we are the weapons. If our bodies don't do the job, if all of our combined skill and training can't secure you then nothing and nobody can. We're the best that money can't buy.

And I think that's it. You can't pay for what we do. When we're on the mission we don't care what your God is or isn't, we are relying on each other and guess what?

We're the best in the business. Everywhere we have been, event management and property owners and LEOS and everybody is universally impressed by us. We're not your average bunch of monkeys.

If I'm gonna try to wrap this up, i want y'all to ask yourselves one thing. I see this religious war going on and I make no secret of my spirituality, the folks on chat jokingly refer to me as a spiritual guru but hey, check this out;

Why do I get a free pass for preaching to you? Cause I'm part native? Cause I represent on the one side something fashionable and on the other some white guilt trip bull crap?

Because you know what I get from you people?

Love and acceptance. And encouragement. And life and breath and a reason to continue. And I get to bear witness to explosive power and creativity. Which is you.

Get this strange part? I get to see you in all of your incredible, unpredictable power and you seem to get me but OCCASIONALLY YOU DON'T SEEM TO GET EACH OTHER.

Religion? Really? i so thought we were beyond that. And it upsets me to the point of re-activating which i will do and offer stands: if one of you decides to start killing the other I will be forced to try to preserve the minority.

As if I think principled atheists would comtemplate such a thing. Although in fairness, history is replete with examples us us religionists attacking ANYTHING AND ANYBODY NOT US.


Young athiestiss and young people pissed at thisi world and the way it turned out due to religion, well you have a major point ok? This is not big news. Yes a lot of notable jerks have professed the Christian religion just as now many jerks profess the religion of state but above all, when a religious person shares their "truth" with you, understand that that is the the best that this person has to offer you at that time and they are trying, in their own way, to help.

Similarly, deists, our light shines like a single ray in darkness through a small hole and nobody who does not stand in the light is capable of seeing the light. We can try and push and pull them into the light and all they know if some bully is pushing and pulling them. We think we know it's for thier own good but all they feel is some bully.

If you go to the res, onto the remote res, people will serve you delicacies that might look and taste grosss to you like elf fat with mold on it but that is something we might reserve for a very special guest. Sometimes when we make frybread for breakfast, that is our very best blue corn fry bread and it might taste strange to you but CAN YOU SEE THE INTENT?



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elf fat with mold on it

The Smudge Pot is hilarious.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Good on you Smudge

Thank you, my friend...

I'm a social conservative

What attaracted me to Libertarianism is the right that I have as an individual to attract like minded individuals on private land and practice our way of living without intereference from the same sex progressive liberal left, but at the same time recgonizing the rights of these lefties to live the life they see fit.

Under libertarianism a communist community can also exist eg they buy a plot of land and share their income and do cummunal living as long as they do not mess with other free poeple.

Many Libertarians are hyprocritical because they feel you need to live under the purely libertarian model without realizing libertarinism is the broader framework where many different types of communities can co-exist eg tribes based on race, or multi-culturisism as in New York, London, communist, socialist etc etc as long as the participation in these communities is voluntary and they as a community don't mess with others. Same sex marrige doesn't mean you are happy with it, but merely you tolerate it because its thier right, but on private land you should be able to tell this group to buzz off.

Some Libertarians also assume that Christians have no right to spread their message telling them what to do, yes Christians have no right to pass laws messing with you, but they still have freedom of speech on public land to spread their word.



Smudge pot!!

I, actually, loved the incoherence?)! Even after 17 years of college education, I can come across the same way! Let's all join in and intelligently attack the government that would take the sacred rights away, that make us distinct from any other country in the world! I think the UN just made a big mistake, helping restrict the people in other countries, the ability to fight back against, government initiated, tyranny! NWO?

It goes both ways

"As if I think principled atheists would comtemplate such a thing. Although in fairness, history is replete with examples us us religionists attacking ANYTHING AND ANYBODY NOT US."

Atheists have attacked and killed a larger portion of humans than "religious types" have, so the attacking goes both ways.


OK guys, I barely rememember writing this, I was at the very edge between drunk and unconscious, I just read it and this has to be like one of the worst things I have ever published here, this is barely coherent!

And some of the stuff I actually think is worth reading goes un-noticed.

I NEVER KNOW WHAT IT IS WITH YOU PEOPLE! The only ones around here that are more unpredictable than me is you guys!

You guys be as happy as you want, I say I could have made this point with about .25% of the words.

Maybe you should all consider being easier on yourselves and harder on the Smudge Pot.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Keep Drinking

Is all I can say. Great post. Keep in touch with your natural side!


I thought it was very coherent.

It was a nice balance between your spiritually endearing past and an offering up of a proposal to the current state of DP regarding religious differences.

That last paragraph was especially on point.

Love thy enemy.

I speed read it.



Hey Ernest Hemingway wrote great things while drunk, doesn't mean you can't.

I'll be honest. While reading

I'll be honest. While reading this I thought to myself "what the hell is in the pipe this dudes talking about....I want some". Then i read this comment. Maybe you should stick to the pipe!

"I will not submit to authority of man. I'm alive, I'm awake, this is more than I can take." -Jordan Page

Noted, i will try to do one or the other.

Pilamaye yelo.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Hear Hear!

For if we don't try our best, then will we ever learn?

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

Belief systoms

Any belief system that wakes you up, raises you up, makes you a better person is ok with me.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

Yeah BUT

don't try to shove it off on everyone else!


true true~

"An ye harm none, do what ye will" =)

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

"The God I know went to extravagant lengths to..."

"the God I know went to extravagant lengths to produce people like you."

What a great line, Smudge. Sums it all up in one brilliant line. Thanks for that image - gave me a big smile inside. TRUTH.

Before I started kindergarten

My birth father was 1/4 Clatsop and grew up on a reservation on the Southern tip of the Columbia River. He taught me how to climb and repel trees, Earth, track animals, make and set box traps, fish/shore/ocean/ river, hunt, especially bear (my grandparents garage was filled with skins, my grandfather's father was a trapper and (and and his four brothers married four sisters, so by the time my birth father was 16 he had his Dad give him permission to join the Navy to get off the reservation where he had too many double cousins). His Mother's specialty was mincemeat made of bear.

Over the years he would introduce us to many Natives who also joined the military to get off their reservations, because reservation life SUCKS. His Mother was a Christian, and many Natives are Christians.

I think many people who are not Natives have romantic ideas about what being a Native is.. to me, Native American form of animal kindness is to kill it quickly. All of my uncles (I did not have any birth Aunts on either side) were very good at culling (the greatest gift you can give to an animal is to release it from it's life). And yes, I was taught knife skills, and how to dress an animal. And I admit, I like to hunt and fish.

I am glad I did not grow up on a reservation.

And whn my Father passed away, he had no funeral (Not a traditional practice).. but he did gift his tribe by naming them the benficiaries of an insurance policy.. doing his part, "bringing home the bacon"). Most Natives I know are Christians, and to this day, I know allot.. seems no matter where I go I can't escape the "res" either.

What made you decide to repel

What made you decide to repel trees?

maybe i can answer

one time the trees that i grew up with were getting cut and from hundreds of miles away i could hear them crying and asking us to save them but we could not.

and at a point it's hard not to "repel" then in a sense or try to block them out because you don't want to hear crying all the time.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Climbing was easier

It it too high to jump, so I had to, "walk down using ropes". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dBdFsSAxmI

BTW, I didn't decide.. to me, my Father was a cruel, and a mean man, as he forced us to learn survival skills when we were little kids. Tiday, he would have been arrested for child abuse for what he did to us.. when he said, "Climb", you climbed or you were beaten, not spanked.. we nneded to know that climbing was how we saved our lives from a bear (a top totum animal).

I LOVED animals and had a very hard time watching him cull anything and everything.. but, to his credit, those skills he taught us have come in usefull.. I still love animals, but now, I Love people even more.

I was just nitpicking with

I was just nitpicking with the expelling. Sowie =)

I was just nitpicking with

I was just nitpicking with the expelling. Sowie =)

I'll smoke to that.

People with good intentions

People with good intentions would do well to first develop a good grasp of the truth otherwise their actions may not measure up to their intent. I will preach the gospel of truth till the day I die.

So you got high, whoopeedoodoo, good for you. Its fun, but don't try to attach religious meaning to it. You seem like a guy who is interested in truth and I am sure you will come to it in due course.

Your first sentence summed up my opinion of

the religious posts I've been seeing here. I was all set to give you an up vote. Then, I read the rest of your comment. Couldn't give you that bump but, neither will I give you a down vote. "Physician, heal thyself", comes to mind.

Kudos to SmudgePot for a refreshing religious post. He does practice what he preaches and for that I respect him.

Generally, my problem with many of the religious and semi-religious posts and comments here can be boiled down to this: Don't be pointing out the splinter in someone else's eye, when you have yet to acknowledge the supersized log in your own eye. The holier than thou attitude just doesn't come across well for most liberty minded people.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox


"Don't be pointing out the splinter in someone else's eye, when you have yet to acknowledge the supersized log in your own eye."

Amen to that Nonna!

I'm reaching up and reaching out.
I'm reaching for the random or what ever will bewilder me.
And following our will and wind we may just go where no one's been.
We'll ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no one's been.
Spiral out.

This link is my response to a poster

who called me out for my so called "anti-Christian" comments: http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/3003434

Says the same thing, without using the paraphrase of that Bibilical quotation. Some things just get my Italian temper going and that holier than thou attitude is certainly one of them. I love God's Word and have a hard time when people use it foolishly.

Thanks for the "Amen". I needed that today.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

You're welcome :)

And thanks for reminding me of the soft porn fiasco! I didn't comment on either of those posts, but holy sh*t was that entertaining! I'm definitely right there with ya on the holier than thou nonsense. It always ends up biting those people in the end and sometimes they don't like the taste of humble pie, but that's why they should refrain from mounting that high horse to begin with. I may not be religious, but I've got mad respect for Jesus and his message. :)

I'm reaching up and reaching out.
I'm reaching for the random or what ever will bewilder me.
And following our will and wind we may just go where no one's been.
We'll ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no one's been.
Spiral out.