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'Hobbit' Home Might Be Torn Down By County Council

Like any expecting parents, Charlie Hague and Megan Williams of the United Kingdom, wanted to give their son a home he could call his own. But after building their "Lord of the Rings" hobbit-style house, the couple is now struggling to save the structure from being torn down by their local government.

According to the BBC, the two spent four years and nearly $23,000 building their dream home. The problem? They never asked permission from the county's planning commission to build the house in the first place. A spokesman for Pembrokeshire County Council told the BBC "an enforcement notice has been served on this property" and it is "currently the subject of an enforcement appeal."

Hague admitted to ITV that he and his wife didn't have permission, but also claims they didn't have any other choice. "There are so many hoops you have to jump through, and they just make it near impossible," he told the organization. "And we just needed a house at that time to build for our son."


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This will be interesting to follow, see what happens

Zoning ordinances started out as a seemingly good thing, but like all government regulations they have morphed well beyond their intended purpose. The loss of private property rights over the last decades is unbelievable. Read your local city, township or county zoning ordinances and you will likely find a myriad of confusing regulations preventing or restricting almost anything without a permit or prior permission. Add in the tax burden and Deb Medina was right when she said, "We don't really own our property in this country".