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The American Dream - Our Slave Chains

I have spent a lot of time thinking about how we all had one goal in life. Our parents helped instill this, our teachers, and our culture are all based on one thing, The American Dream. "Paper Chasin"

What IS the American Dream?
I remember it being the "dream" of having a big house, nice cars, boat, and a family to share it with. People have different expectations of what the "American Dream" is though. Some may say just the opportunity to own your own business or get a higher education. Some people like the black market that has been created, and know how to gain it to obtain the "American Dream".

Mostly, the "American Dream" centers around goals. Goals that are set by society and require money or debt.

Let's look at what obtaining these goals lead to:

House - This is one of the most common and important goals of the American Dream. This always results in a huge amount of money taken from your labor every time you get paid. So, the banks can count on it. You could have a small home that costs less than 10,000 dollars and is less than one years salary for almost anyone, it would just be contradictory to societies standards. So, You go out and buy that house or apartment to meet your goals of the American Dream. What happens is we get caught up in a huge mortgage and get ourselves into a huge DEBT.

Electricity - We all need it. Don't we? Well, after talking to many of my older relatives, I found out that got along without electricity during and before WW2. WOA, I am not saying we should do without those amenities these days, but in order to have them, you have to reach in your pockets every month to pay someone else for that. They can bank on the fact that AC (here in south) and TVs all across the nation have to be running all the time. No one wants to be without, so the money is GUARANTEED. If you use solar and wind power for your home, then you could drastically reduce the amount of money you spend in a lifetime for that amenity. My research shows that I could DIY the system for the cost of 1 years worth of electricity bills. 2 Years worth would give me a hi end pre made system. Electricity bills could become a thing of the past, if you see through the veil.

Food - Well we can all agree that most of America gives 99% or more of their food money to corporations. For centuries we harvested our own food. We took what we had in abundance and bartered for diversity in our food and other goods. The corporations who own most of the food at the super market and BANK on the fact that you will spend your food money with them. Most of us do not produce any food at all and only consume food. This is what has made us dependent on corporate food and this is just another way for the Elite to rob your paycheck EVERY single time you get paid. Oh wait, you are paying so much for your other bills you have to use a credit card just to buy groceries? Wow, now even more of your money is walking out. This necessity could turn into DEBT.

Transportation - We all know we need a car to make it these days (unless you live in the big city). This is a necessity for most and a dream for some. The reason I bring this up is because it is part of the re acuring theme in these examples. DEBT creation or a steady amount of your paycheck.

College - Another bloated industry where less than 75% go on to use that degree. So at least 25% are getting SCREWED. Another way the American Dream is pushed on us, but benefits the financiers and and the colleges giving the classes, more than the people. Too many people are becoming debt slaves for this reason. This could also boil over into the other "Needs" and create even more debt.

The list is larger, but by now you are starting to get the picture. The American Dream is about giving your money to someone else, usually in the most extravagant way. It is about corporations and government sticking their hands in your wallet to give you something you could already have, at a much higher price. This makes them filthy rich and us mere slaves to the system. Even the currency that we are FORCED to use is loosing value, which discourages saving any of it.

I have come to the conclusion that government law is not the only thing holding Freedom back. The greatest CHAIN OF SLAVERY is our own mind. We think we should give them our money, that is what we do. WHY? Because we see it over and over again in life and on TV. When you are able produce instead of consume and keep the fruits of your labor, then you are Free. Only then, are you Free.

Repost from 02/12/2013

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