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Dr. Joyce Riley Needs Our Help

Dr Joyce Riley, a voice who bravely heralded the Freedom Movement and Dr. Paul's candidacy needs our help.

Broadcasting multimedia from Short-wave, Satellite, Internet-link, her radio show has been a beacon of freedom, and info for all.

She is currently in the Number 3 spot on "TalkStreamLive.com", so please go there and click on her show to put her ahead of #1,and#2 which currently are:

Here's the link:

And while your at it....
April 1,2013 Show:
Ret. Det. Jim Rothstein returns to discuss how we arrived at the corrupt government that we now have. He will discuss "Human Compromise" how it was done and how it continues today. We will also visit "Who was involved in illegal sale of Biologicals and Chemicals to Iraq" and "Who was involved in Pan Am 103."

Dr Riley posts podcasts FOR FREE of past shows.....FREE!
Tues. April, 2,2013:
"Former confidential informant Robert Merritt, author of "Watergate Exposed," will be sharing more information "Human Compromise" and on his secret life working for the government."
Did you know there are TEN (10) Levels of CoIntelPro?
This former "informant", a Bronx,NY resident spells it all out.
CHECK IT OUT: "The Power Hour"....You'll be better informed.

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Dr. Joyce will return

...to TalkStreamLive...help her out.
....Meanwhile, Josh Tolley is #1 on her streaming audio channel right now:


This and the abovementioned links make for some good listening,
at home, at work...
Tomorrow's show is gonna be a block-buster!

The Doctor who spoke out on the disinfo surrounding "Sandy Hook".

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!