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Michele Bachmann Presidential Campaign Infiltrated By CIA?

‘Man of mystery’ is behind Michele Bachmann campaign cases

Kevin Diaz | Minneapolis Star Tribune | April 2, 2013

"An evangelical missionary with a penchant for secrets — he was caught with an assault rifle in Africa and accused of being a spy — Waldron popped up in Des Moines in early 2011 to participate in the GOP primaries. He thought he’d be working for insurgent Republican Herman Cain. Instead, he met a tough-talking, born-again congresswoman from Minnesota whom he regarded as a kindred maverick spirit."

"If his 2006 arrest in Uganda on weapons charges sounds like it could have been a movie, it nearly was. A movie trailer for a planned film on the 37-day episode poses the same questions that have dogged Waldron for the past seven years: 'Was he a spy? Was he a missionary? A businessman? A mercenary? A bounty hunter? Who was Peter Waldron? What did he know that risked the lives of his own family and friends?'

Waldron still won’t answer that question, citing a promise made to an unnamed person or persons more than 40 years ago. That was shortly after he got out of the Army and took a job with a contractor doing business in Beirut, then at the height of Lebanon’s civil war. The only suggestion from the movie trailer that Waldron specifically denies is that he worked for the CIA."

"By Waldron’s account, it took a call from President George W. Bush to get him out of jail. The Star Tribune has not been able to verify Bush’s direct intervention, but Racer and another associate who worked on his release say it was handled at the highest levels of government...."

Continued: http://www.startribune.com/200976111.html?page=1&c=y

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