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FBI Arrests NY Senator & GOP Leaders in Bribery Plot to Rig Mayor Race

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come get the party bosses in my county

come get the party bosses in my county

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LPNY's Response

Here's a response from the LPNY Chair:

I am deeply saddened for Dan and all of his supporters.

While Dan is a Republican first, he has been a good friend of the Libertarian Party for several years. He has spoken and participated at many LPNY, Manhattan LP and Queens LP events. He joined us in anti-TSA rallies, anti-eminent domain marches, Anarchy NYC events, Ron Paul events, and several more. He even was part of the NYS delegation to the 2010 National LP Convention in St. Louis.

Dan frequently stated that he could not have won his 2009 City Council race without Libertarian Party support. (He was elected in an overwhelmingly Democratic district on the Republican, Conservative, Independence and Libertarian lines.)

Quite properly, he frequently chastised us for eating our own with useless in-fighting instead of concentrating on sticking a finger in the eye of the oppressor, something Dan did well as a minority member of the City Council.

While the initial press and Government complaint against him appears bleak, we do have a presumption of innocence in this country in our court system and therefore I will not pre-judge him.

Dan was a friend to this Party and now that the chips are down, I hope that he can weather this set-back.

Halloran's a Ron Paul Supporter

Halloran is a good guy. He's libertarian, ran on the LP line (in addition to the Independence and Republican lines) and supported Ron Paul. This is really shocking.

not really

He is pro-Israel and pro-war (from the "issues" section of his webpage.) Somehow he managed get himself running on the Libertarian ticket, but he really had no business running as a Libertarian. At least when Bob Barr ran as a Libertarian, he pretended to agree with the platform while he was running. Halloran is a jerk.

The City Council Doesn't Deal w/ Foreign Policy

Secondly, I would rather have Halloran as our go to Libertarian Councilman than not have a Libertarian Councilman at all. He is the highest elected official in the Libertarian Party. Yes, we don't agree on all issues, but he is always there for us for our TSA protests, Ron Paul events, and to serve as a GOP Delegate to Ron Paul in 2012.

"Halloran is a jerk."

Do you know him? I do. It sounds like you're the jerk. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

um - he was running for the US House of Representatives

and Congress does indeed deal with Foreign Policy. I read Halloran's website during THAT campaign, and I was flabbergasted. We may not agree on all issues, but opposing the US military invasions in the MIddle East is NOT supposed to be one of the issues up for debate; especially for somebody running as a Libertarian. Opposing the TSA does not automatically make somebody a libertarian; and quite frankly the wars are a lot more damaging than the TSA.

Yes, it would have been better to have NOBODY running under the Libertarian ticket than Halloran. Being an ally on some issues does not make him a good friend. I think it is borderline fraud to pose as a Libertarian by running under that ticket - I shouldn't have to be forced to look at his issues that are supposed to be FUNDAMENTAL to the Libertarian party before voting for him, but I do check, and Halloran is now the textbook example of why you HAVE to check ... it used to be that the LP would vote for "none of the above" when the only people running were unqualified. e.g., I remember candidates being disqualified for the NYC mayor's race for being supportive of rent control laws. So much for standards.

I 'm Not Sold On This..It Maybe a Distraction...

It maybe that this was all orchestrated as a distraction. Maybe these guys were not actually going to attempt to rig the mayoral election. Maybe they were set up to be the fall guys for the real criminal attempt to rig it by others..

I smell a rat..

The real criminals never seem to be brought to justice...

Maybe they ought to start with our elected leaders in the House, Senate and the WH..

1 down only 9,999 to go.

This is happening everywhere its endemic.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

challenge the standing powers...

...and they'll find some good dirt on you.

this is purely a political hit - any potential rival to the tribe's political power in ny will have all their machinations directed against them. ask John Liu. So Obvious! Come on people - wake up!

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Ask former Gov. Paterson, too.

Ask former Gov. Paterson, too.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir


I was hoping to read of that fascist scumbag Schumer going down....

What would the Founders do?

More of these people need to

More of these people need to be CAUGHT! THEN JAILED..

Sorry Crickett, They can't be worse than Bloomberg

I have a feeling this was a setup to protect Bloomberg.