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Ron Paul: What I Would Have Asked Bernanke Last Month

What I Would Have Asked Bernanke Last Month by Ron Paul

Ron Paul Freedom Report | Volume 16, #3 - March 2013

If I were still in Congress, and serving as Chairman of the Monetary Policy Subcommittee, I would have asked Chairman Bernanke why, since the continued high unemployment rates show the Fed's 'Quantiitative Easing' programs have not helped the economy, he thinks continuing the same failed policy in perpetuity will help the average American - as opposed to the big banks and the big spending politicians?

- Ron Paul

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Bernanke Would Use Phony/Inflated Stats

He'd say that employment is picking up. Weren't there recent numbers that showed there were more employed people but they were part time jobs (which were likely formerly full-time jobs that went away as a result of Obama-care)?

Excellent- From the SAGE

Short but sweet and to the point.
How I miss the grilling of the Bernanke with philosophical truth by the good Dr.
Most of the DC traitors just worship the slime ball and ask the softball pc questions to fill the time slot showing their uselessness over and over again.
Ron Paul truly gave the fed more attention and scrutiny than they have ever had since their founding.
Thank You Ron Paul you have awoken a sleeping giant that is going to someday rout the den of vipers.

Opresso De Liber
Life,Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!
Conscious of Our Creator and Source of our Liberties.

We Need More Ron Paul

on Daily Paul me thinks.


I Totally Agree With That One...Skippy d

Lets make an attempt to post more RP