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TDV: Jeff Berwick on CNBC The Santelli Exchange about BitcoinATM

Jeff Berwick is on CNBC's The Santelli Exchange to talk about his new project BitcoinATM.com that is set to soon open it's very first ATM in Cyprus.



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Where does the fiat currency

Where does the fiat currency go when you exchange it for Bitcoins?


Silver is cheaper and a better store of value.

they both have their uses

i sold silver about a month ago in the $30's (as documented in another thread) and bought bitcoins @$29. then i bought and sold up to the 50's and cashed out a bunch of bitcoins for silver when btc hit 70+ and silver was around $28.
still waiting for my order from coinabul that was supposed to ship last week. may try to cancel my order soon if they don't get it sent today or tomorrow.
i ordered a bunch more silver from apmex yesterday at $27.60. if it goes under $27 and i can catch it i will order again with bitcoin profits.
bitcoin has been bouncing around $127-$147 tonight.

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Jeff Berwick on CNBC

Great video - this is the first time I've seen Jeff on a major network, and you can bet he'll be invited back. Bitcoin is fast becoming a topic that everyone will know about, and that means that it will be scorned and glorified with little middle ground. Best to do your homework. If you have your money in fiat issued by a central bank, you might want to consider bitcoins. Not perfect, but a free-market currency nonetheless.

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