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Connecticut responds to Newtown with groundbreaking gun control laws

Less than four months after the tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn., the Connecticut legislature is expected to enact a new law on Wednesday that will give it one of the toughest gun control laws in the nation.

“There is a real mobilization of the public,” she says. “They are giving the gun lobby a run for their money.”

My opinion- I don't think the Public is trying to enforce people (gun) control it is the government employees, the congress-critters of each state and the Federal government.


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This is being voted on today

This should really be on the front page.
I am suprised more people are not concerned.
This law is crazy - ONE GUN PER YEAR!!!!!!!!!
Registration just to buy ammo
Registration of magazines
and on and on

It will also proably drive thousands of jobs from our already broke state.
OF Mossberg
Just to name the big three here that make ar-15 style weapons.

If would expect a major bouycott of their weapons if they did not announce immediate plans to leave.

Do people even realize - the legislation is NOT available to the public to view BEFORE it is voted on. Who knows what else is in it.

"Groundbreaking" Gun Control

...just leads to further "groundbreaking" for the inevitable increase in caskets going under the ground as a result. Idiots.


"The Connecticut legislation will also limit the purchase of guns to one every 12 months."

What tha faaaaa?

Chilling and Orwellian:

"Laura Cutilletta, a senior staff attorney at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence"

You are no pacifist Laura. You support the unlimited gun violence of the state, which enforces ALL of its prohibition laws, including those regarding guns, WITH GUN VIOLENCE!