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The Agony of Aging...

The Agony of Aging...

On the morning Daylight Savings Time ended, I stopped in to visit an aging friend.

He was busy covering his pe,nis with black shoe polish....
I said to him, "You dumb sh,it! - You're supposed to turn your clock back"

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Better joke is the one about

Better joke is the one about how they go to chnge the clock but notice there is a need to get a new battery. Go to get the battery and instead notice they need to throw the paper out. Take some of the paper and set it down after noticing they need to do a clothes wash. While getting clothes, they notice a reciept and take it to their desk and remember they need to do bills. Then they see the clock and wonder why it isnt working because they forgot originally to get batteries and never got anything done all day.
There is a better version of this joke out there somewhere.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

I SupposeThere Is..

It wasn't one of my better ones, is it?

It made me laugh

but I'm twisted.

I'd bet there are alot of us on the DP

Twisted? ...and some..