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Top US Commander in South Korea Says North Korea Situation Is 'Volatile' and 'Dangerous'

By MARTHA RADDATZ (@martharaddatz) and LUIS MARTINEZ (@LMartinezABC)
April 2, 2013

Gen. James Thurman, the top U.S. commander in South Korea, said that in his two years on the job he has never seen things as tense as they are right now, telling ABC News the situation on the Korean peninsula as "volatile" and "dangerous."

Thurman said in his exclusive interview with ABC News that his " job is to prevent war," but that his greatest fear is a "miscalculation" that causes "a kinetic provocation." In military parlance, kinetic refers to combat.

Thurman said North Korea's recent rhetoric has made the situation on the Korean peninsula "a dangerous period," but he added, "I think we're managing it quite well because on this side of the line we're very calm. And we're confident."

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So what happens when North Korea only uses conventional...

So what happens when North Korea only uses conventional weapons but a million North Korean soldiers with AK's to drive south and push our limited defenses there into the sea?

What are we going to do then, respond with nuclear weapons?

It is ludicrous that we are even there.

This was a failed 1950's UN blunder that has tied up our forces for the better part of a century now half way around the world.

Why are we still there, to defend the honor of the UN?



Don't pay attention to the banks raiding every ones bank account..
I have no fear of North Korea at all.

Its not North Korea we need

Its not North Korea we need to be afraid of in this situation, if it escalates to true war both China and Russia will likely jump in on their side....the same China who had nuclear subs recently discovered off the east and west coasts of America...China too can build subs and is armed with nukes...even North Korea has, though their ability to deliver them here is a bit more in question...though far from impossible...you are talking three nuclear armed states with aminosity towards the US and large standing armies...there is no good ending if this escalates...you would be a fool not to be worried about war. You know both Russia and China are fed up with our imperialism.

Oh, man

I hope there won't be any war.

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