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Radio Show Platform Idea

Hi Everyone,

So as you may or may not know, we have had LIVE radio shows at here at Daily Paul. As the host of the radio shows so far, I have to say it has been lots of fun. It should not stop there! I have many ideas and quite a bit of knowledge on internet radio and websites. I posted that here http://www.dailypaul.com/279465/be-a-broadcaster-to-spread-l....

As far as the radio station goes, http://freemyliberty.listen2myradio.com/ is open to more energetic hosts to broadcast their radio shows. Just click my name and send me a message if you want to be a host.

Now onto my radio show. My goal is to get this show broadcasted on as many community FM radio stations as possible across the country. We all live in different areas so we can all influence a local community radio station to air our show. Lets start by offering prerecorded shows and then move to live.

Here is my format idea for a 2 hour show (assuming stations want 5 minutes every half hour for their purposes):

00:00 - 00:15 : Prerecorded street interview

00:15 - 00:25 : Live calls on various topics (one caller at a time)

00:25 - 00:30 : (station news/identification for FM)

00:30 - 00:55 : Live calls on various topics (one caller at a time)

00:55 - 01:00 : (station news/identification for FM)

01:00 - 01:15 : Prerecorded street interview

01:15 - 01:25 : Live calls on various topics (one caller at a time)

00:25 - 00:30 : (station news/identification for FM)

01:30 - 01:55 : Live calls on various topics (one caller at a time)

01:55 - 02:00 : (station news/identification for FM)

My idea for the "Prerecorded street interview" is we set up a place for anyone to write a question about Liberty and Freedom or how it is being taken away and I will take my portable mp3 recorder and microphone and ask these questions to the public. If you want to do this as well, send the recording to me and I will add it to the show!!

Please leave a comment with an idea! Also, we need your calls and topics. Get as many people as you would like to contribute topics to the show.

I want to point out one more thing, I do not want a monetary gain on this show. Federal Reserve Notes are not important to me, but Liberty is. This show will be 100% voluntary. Any contributions will go to operation cost or to a Liberty organization. My radio show on Saturdays is one where I will accept a monetary gain.

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Format ideas

What about weekly updates on certain topics from the Dp people who are well versed in specific topics?

For example; Maybe some of the silver/goldbugs could give a weekly update on what went on in the pm markets for the week.

Hawkieye and Fishy are always posting about aquaponics (and others I am sure, I just always notice them), maybe some of the aquaponics people could do a weekly tip or project how to.

The bitcoiners could do the same.

And so on and so forth. There are a lot of knowledgable people here, you could probably find some people willing to offer weekly updates or tips.

Good Luck.

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To broadcast a live program,

To broadcast a live program, one would probably need personal access to the InterNet. For that reason and others, I'd probably favor a rebroadcast of a freely available production. I operate an unlicensed LPAM station and would be open to rebroadcasting your live show. Coordinating a live show can be a daunting task as even the times (UTC) would probably have to be coordinated across the nation. What time slots would suit the majority of listeners across the USA while accommodating the producers and broadcasters? Although imperfect due to the potential national audience, I'd probably produce a one hour show live and select a time of 6-7 PM Eastern so families have the evening to themselves. * Yes, some folks would have juggle dinner, but the show could potentially reach folks on their way home from work.

I'll be keeping this project in view.

* 2200-2300 UTC during daylight savings time, 2300-0000 UTC during standard time