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Free Book! "Where We Stand: The Gun Control Debate - A Constructive Argument"


"Given recent tragedies, the gun control debate has again taken center stage in the United States.

Everyone wants more safety for their loved ones, but what happens if we aren't capable of a constructive discussion or debate at the local or federal levels?

What kind of laws are we getting from our appointed officials on both sides of the aisle if they're more concerned with pushing their or their party's agenda rather than being open-minded enough to genuinely consider what the other person has to say?

In Where We Stand: The Gun Control Debate we discuss the state of the debate itself and how its flaws hinder our ability to effectively have a positive impact on the issue of gun violence. We tackle all forms of gun crime, their causes, gun violence in video games and other entertainment media, as well as go over statistics that lead us to definitive conclusions regarding gun violence in the US compared to the rest of the world and the effectiveness of a firearm in a civilian's hands compared to the effectiveness of a firearm in a police officer's hands and how certain laws affect their ability to protect themselves and others."

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It's a good read...

...I swear :P

Really just looking for feedback.

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